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Summer Lodown



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Othaca Greece
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July 5th - Patrick Fitzgerald (left) is back on Ithaki where he has a holiday house in Frikes. His relationship to the island is through his wife who has family roots in Anoghi and Frikes. Patrick himself is of Italian and Irish decent, but was born in Sth Africa. His daughter Anita, who is also a Summer regular to the island, is getting married to her Portuguese fiance, keeping up the tradition of extending the melting pot that is Pats family. Nice to see you back.

July 6th - Above - Alex (left) and Debora (right) arrived on Ithaki on Euro Cup night and have wasted no time getting around the island. They are friends from London holidaying together, looking to release some city stress under the Ionian Sun. It's their first time on Ithaki and so far, they love it. Alex works in Politics and Debora in Advertising, so they do need some major relaxation, or maybe a new occupation? We hear there are some openings for Exotic Dancers in Peru

July 8th - Alexander Kaimakamis arrived on Ithaca yesterday. The last time this Greek/Australian came to the island was 15 years ago with his parents and brother Costa. After some time in cold Norway, he is more than ready to enjoy the high 30 temperatures of Greece. He wasted no time heading to the beach for a swim. Alexander took 3 months off work to travel around Europe and after Ithaki swimming
July 9th - Nicola works in Vathy during the summers, looking after guests at one of the villas there. A few weeks ago she had the pleasure of Brian Ferry and friends, who made her job a joy. On her days off she and her dog Lucky, head up north for a change of scenery and to meet up with the friends she has made on the island during her 2 season stint. We caught up with her down at Polis Beach under the shade of the fig tree trying to cool from the 40 degree temp.

eating and partying, he meets up with friends to do some of the same on the Aegean islands like Mykonos and Santorini. Meanwhile on Ithaki, he'll be fed by relatives until he bursts, as all good Greek boys. Have a great time Alexander!

July 12th - (Below) The Tsalikis family L - R Genia, Yianni, Christina, Petro and Eleni, arrived on Ithaca yesterday. They've taken time off work and school to visit relatives from Thessalonika to Lahos.
Genia spent time on Ithaca when she was a child, went to school here and made friends she hopes to meet up with again after all these years. Her roots stem from Lefkada (mother Helen) and Ithaki (father Costas). For Yianni it's been 50 years since he was in Greece. Things had changed alot in his family's village near Kozani. The family took 2 months away from work and school in Melbourne, Australia, to explore their roots and discover what it is to have a Greek heritage. Petro and his younger twin sisters Christina and Eleni, couldn't wait to get to the island. They've been to Thessaloniki, their fathers village near Kozani, the monasteries of Meteora and Nidri in Lefkada, but Ithaki is their favourite place so far. They have heard about the island through family and friends in Australia since they were babies, and now they finally get to discover why everyone is so crazy about coming here. The 3 headed straight to the beach at Polis bay and then topped it off with a visit to Kioni for a large Ice Cream. The Tsalikis family will try to cram in as much as they can in the next 3 and a half weeks. We wish them a great time!
L - R - Angela and Illias are here with their 3 sons for their annual holiday. They have lived and worked in Patras since 1993 after moving their from Australia. Angela was born in Exoghi and Illias has his family home in Stavros. We caught up with them at Poli beach shading under the fig tree. What a life! With 40 degree temperatures these two know how to cool off. If you are sitting in front of a heater rugged up on the other side of the world, aren't you just a little bit jealous?
Bert and Rositta are in Frikes for 3 weeks from Newcastle Australia. It's their second time on the island. They just love it.
Right - Arthur is also from Newcastle and a regular to Lefki, Ithaki. We caught up with him at Symposium.
July 12th - Below - Jerry is here from Newcastle Australia. He is a Summer local of Stavros.
Right - Carlos, Eddie, Bas, Guner Geys and Oscar are on holiday from the Netherlands, sailing around Greece. when we asked them where, they answered "wherever we want". They are sailing on their own, not with a Flotilla so I guess they know what they are doing. Have a good time!

July 14th - In the past few days Ithaki is hearing an accent rarely heard other seasons. Large groups of French tourists seem to have hit the island. Is this the beginning of pre-olympic visitors? No one really knows how the Olympics will effect tourism, but hopes are high that Ithaki will get a slice of those wanting to look around before and after the Games are over.

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