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Summer Lodown



Faces of Summer

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Yiannis is on his annual holiday to Ithaki from Patras. His face is a well known one around Stavros and Frikes. He's been coming so many years he's quite easily mistaken for a local.
August 7th - Daughter and father, Maria and Tilemahos come to Ithaki every year. Maria is a 3rd generation Greek, living and working in the UK and Tilemahos is 2nd generation living in Queensland Australia, with roots in Stavros. Tilemahos came to Ithaki with Maria for the first time in 1973 when his daughter was 6 months old and they have been coming each year since 1997. Ithaki is in their blood like with so many 2nd and 3rd generation Aussies.
Look what we found under a tree at Poli. Peter has been on Ithaca since May. He finished his studies in Sth Africa and came straight over. His mothers' roots stem from Stavros and his fathers' from Cyprus.
Look what the wind from Italy blew in. It's Manuel and Virna, daughter of Yiannis Andrianatos, Ithakis own singing ND Councillor. These two always brighten up the summers on Ithakis northern isle with big smiles, italian style and good laughs. Virna was brought up on Ithaki, but moved to Italy when she married.
August 8th - The moment Galatia set foot on the island she broke her leg. Well nearly broke her leg. We caught up with her bandaged and taking it easy at Bemenis.
Maria has been coming to Ithaki on holiday all her life. This year she thought she may as well get a job here and help her aunty Poppy to boot.
August 9th - Lorraine Alimantiri and her newborn baby girl Kiveli take a stroll around Frikes. Lorraine and her family are on Ithaki staying in Stavros with her parents Andreas and Lila, to enjoy some peace and relaxation away from their busy lives in Athens where Lorraine runs an art gallery and her husband Niko works in the computer industry.
Efthimios is one of the many escaping Athens to get some sun and sea on Ithaki. A few drinks at the bar aren't bad either.
Xenofontas comes each year to escape Athens in the summer. He has a family home in Lahos.
Lorraine has been coming to Ithaki all her life on Summer holidays. When she was a teenager she worked at Pete's Bar in Frikes, now known as Bemenis. Looks like Lorraine and husband, Niko, are continuing the Ithacan tradition with Kiveli.

August 11th - Adriana and Kosta (left) along with their 3 yr old daughter, are back in Vathy for their annual holiday. Adriana was born in Sydney, with of course an ithacan heritage. She comes to Ithaki for a holiday, meets Kosta, they marry and guess what? They move to Sydney. Kosta scores himself a job in television, he and Adriana have a child and the rest is history. Have to say Ithaca misses Kosta playing at the Panighiria. He has dancing fingers. (he plays keyboard)

George (right) was hanging around on the mainland, didn't like it much so he came to see his friend Alexander here. Having fun yet?


August 13th - Left is Harry the chemist from South Africa. He's in Platrithia visiting his friend Harry.

Celia Keyworth (right), is visiting her friend Andy in Kioni for just a short week and is already toying with the idea of buying a house and maybe settling in paradise. It's her first time on Ithaki and she has fallen in love with the place. Celia comes from London where she runs a large, but intimate Catering business specializing in cocktail parties and eclectic cuisine such as japanese, thai and chinese. 'Fresh, Imaginative and Eclectic'

Celia Keyworth's Food

August 14th - Below - Stefano is in Kioni from Milano visiting close friends.
Tina and her husband Laki, (below) who met here on Ithaki quite a few years ago are here from the US enjoying their yearly Ithacan fix. Tina is an Aussie / Ithacan, Lakis a US / Ithacan. See, some holiday romances do work. They're still smiling.
Nadia (above) always has a good time when she's on Ithaki. She has a family home in Platrithia and comes from South Africa.
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