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Summer Lodown



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July 14th - Above - Konstantinos Balas with his sons Alexandros and Jason, and wife Dionisia Tourtaki. This family is here from Patras for a week enjoying the island and a game of Tavli.
Left - Nick (left) and Josh (right) are back on Frikes shores with the Kirky yacht . Nick has been on Who's Here before, but there's no reason why his good looking head can't be on twice. He remembers one morning hanging around for the boat, totally hung over from the night before. Nektarios from Rementzo said to him "You look as bad as I feel. How about joining me in some bacon and eggs" From that time on, Nick doesn't go past having a beer (or two or three...) in Frikes with his mate Nek. Josh is an Aussie lad from South Australia. He's a carpenter by trade and is part of the Kirky crew. His experience with boats in the fishing town of Port Lincoln from where he is from, got him the opportunity to work and live in Greece for a good part of the year, enjoying a lifestyle most can only dream about. He has all the stigmata of a young Aussie (pierced eyebrow, pierced tongue, pierced ?????) and a great wide open smile. Both Nick and Josh love what they do and opted for another beer before they got ready for their evening. Oh what a life!
Look who's at Symposium Restaurant in Frikes

July 15 - L -R - Graham, Hayleigh, Sam, Mike, De and Sue sailed into Frikes on their chartered yacht 'Skopios'. They go round the Ionian islands for 2 weeks. Sue and Mike were here 4 years ago and thought they'd come back to visit Stathi (Steve) at Penelope Restaurant (aka Steves' Place)

Mid July already...

Jane is on Ithaki for 3 weeks with her two sons, Louis (above left) and James (above right). Jane is an English girl who lives in Paris. She has worked mostly in Record Companies such as Sony, and is currently working for MIDEM, the international Music Fare. Jane and her two boys are making the most of their Summer holiday, by getting to the beaches every day, discovering the island and enjoying the food while holidaying, provincial style, in the Northern Ithacan village of Lahos just south of Frikes. We wish them a continued great time on the island


L - R - Julienne, husband Marc and son, Fox, not too sly, but a little shy Fox. This happy family has been smiling since they landed on Ithaki and settled into their Lefki cottage. Guess they needed the break and no wonder. Julienne is a Photographic PR Consultant who has worked with people such as the late Linda McCartney and an array of famous heads too many to mention, but I must say, very impressive, and Marc is a stand-up comedian in London, a city which not only has a harsh climate, but also a harsh audience. No wonder he needs to chill on a Greek island for 3 weeks before he heads back to do some shows. Maybe we'll be lucky and Marc will write a little of Ithaki into his routine. At this point I would like to write something funny.......Nope, can't think of anything. Up to you Marc. Enjoy your last week, soon you'll be back to the jungle and the hyenas.
July 16th - Left - Neil is almost a local if only he'd let go of the UK. Two years ago he bought a house in Lahos and now it's just a matter of time for him to get it ready for living in. Neil arrived late Thursday night, after missing the ferry connection at Sami to Ithaki, spent Friday drinking and revisiting all his friends on the northern isle and hasn't even walked in the direction of his house. Who can blame him though, the weather is fine, he's only here for a week, before he has to get back to the harvest, and all his friends just can't get enough of him.
July 16th -Above - Been trying to get Greta on Who's here for a year. Finally succeeded. She is one of the Tour Reps everyone loves. Last year it was Manos, this year it's Simply Ionian. Greta is more like a local than a Summer Visitor. She has spent many months on the island, even after all the tourists have left.
July 20th - Above - The Big P is back again this Summer. After years of absence we now get the pleasure of his company 2 years in a row. An Australia / Greek who made Ithaca his home for many years, running bars and discos around the Northern Isle. He was Ithakis Disc King, now with a bung knee, he's a little more like Skippy. Welcome back Pete.
Above - Spiros Raftopoulos is also from Australia, but has his roots in Kollieri. He is the son of Stathis Raftopoulos, the Poet, who sadly passed away recently. Spiros is on Ithaca to get the Frikes Hotel back on its' feet. Its' been alot of years since he has set foot on Ithaca, but maybe from now on he will visit more often.
22nd July - Above - Hugh is here from Bristol with his father David. He and his father are in Exoghi to fix up the house which was just recently bought. Hugh will experience first hand what it is like when there is no electricity, hot water, plumbing or DVD. A life with no mod cons. Despite all that, Hugh looks very happy to finally visit this side of Greece. Maybe he'll find some time to enjoy himself also.
Left - Illiana and Marco are back to Stavros this year and looking very happy about it. Illiana spent her childhood holidaying on Ithaki with her parents. She knows the island well and the island knows her. Marco is of Italian heritage, but fits pretty comfortably in as an honorary Ithacan. He's been to Ithaca many times now. These two are getting in as much as they can before they head back to Melbourne and back to work.
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