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Below - Spiros has a family home in Kioni. but is a South African born Greek. He's done his army duty, paid his dues and is now a sought after architect in Athens and other parts of Greece. Lucky for us, Spiros loves Ithaca enough to take on a job here which will allow him to live on the island until it's over.
July 24th - Below - Stephen is a Greek/S African now living in Athens. He's on Ithaki for a couple of months so he thought he'd get a job. He was thrown straight into the deep end at Rementzo in Frikes.
July 27th - Below - Liz is here from Athens for a few short days.

Heavy Metal hits the island

July 27th - Right - Theron and Rick are in Vathy for a week, getting in some sun, beach and good views. Rick (far right) came to Ithaki for the first time 4 years ago and thought he'd introduce his friend Theron to the place. Rick works with Theron, who is a recording engineer working in Melbourne, Australia. They just arrived here from time in the US and they're on their way to the big Metal Fest in Germany,

Pompeii and then back home. Both these boys play in Heavy Metal bands themselves and gauge that Rock and guitar music is back. The only metal Ithacans listen to is that of pots clanking together while lunch is being prepared, so I guess it will be sometime before the GRRRRRRRRRRRr of metal music gets an airing here. Bang that head.

Above - Oresti is also here from Athens enjoying a little break with his friends.

This lovely gentlemans' name is Peter Razos, he's well connected to Ithaki and is finishing building his dream house near Ag Yiannis. He wants to say 'HI' to his Godmother Anna in Australia, so 'HI ANNA, WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO TODAY?'
July 28th - Above - Andrew (L) and Andreas (R), are itching to buy themselves a little stone house with a great view on Ithaki. They are no strangers to the island and feel quite confident that living here would be just fine. They live in London, so it's no wonder they're dreaming of an escape. We found them at Big Wednesday at Bemenis, simulating London club life. Are they sure you could live without it??.
Into August... KALO MHNA
July 31st - Above Chris (left) and Terry (right), love Greece. They were married in Pathos 8 years ago and keep coming back to Greece, discovering new corners, every chance they get. This year they 're here for a month which they share between Ithaca and Fiscardo. They like Ithaki just the way it is, unspoiled by major tourism.
August 1st -Above - Patrick and Kate Fitzgerald have been here quite awhile and by their names you'd never think they would have a relationship with Ithaki, but they do. Kate has her family roots here and she and Patrick are continuing the Greek tradition. They bought a house near Frikes and come to the island with their family as many times as possible.
August 3rd - Left and Below - Spavento Bar in Kioni got a nice surprise when Adonis Remos, Themis, host of Super Idol, Zeta Iogotheti, Mr. Mad TV and others came in on their (rather large) dingy and settled themselves near the waterside for refreshments. I saw Themis behind me and thought I better get a pic, not realizing that not only was I back to back with Adonis Remos, but the entire table behind me was filled with well known faces. Better get a pic of them all.
Adonis Remos
Above - Fatima and Roland are staying at the Nostos Hotel in Frikes. It's their third time to Ithaki. They love the peacefulness, the sea, the atmosphere and culture.
Whether asked about their boat or St. Laurant sunglasses, these guys were very forthcoming and friendly.

Just remember, whether you're 'someone' or 'anyone' you too can be on Who's Here.



Adonis (left) talks to the very interested Brit Lawyer Andrew, and to Hard Candy guitarst, Demetri, about his big boat

Meanwhile the rest of Ithaki would like to know the chances of Mr. Remos doing a concert here??? There aren't alot of people, but there's alotta love!

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