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Summer Lodown



Faces of Summer

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Evita (left) is here from Athens with her fiance Niko who has ties with Ithaki. She's escaping the city and although Niko has temporarily needed to return for work, she decided to stay put right here.
August 16th - Above - Uli is back from Austria, this time without husband Werner, but with her sister and nephew. It's about time a Summer experience was had.
Above right - Maria Tsakalis, George Miris and Georgia Tsakalis. Right - Apostolis and Andrianna Maroulis. They're here from Montreal for the Festivities of the Panighiri and then off to Mount Olympus.. George Maroulis is a frequent visitor to Ithaki of recent times, his relatives run the Ovelistirio spit Roast Grill in Frikes. We caught up with them at the Platrithia Panighiri.
August 18th - Above - Mike and Sally with their daughter Rhiannon 9below left) and her friend Becky are here for a two week break .
Left - Pavlo, son of exiled Greek King Constantine, and his wife Marie Chantel, sailed into Frikes on the Mai Chai 5. The couple are due to give birth to their fourth child at the end of September, but before then it seems a holiday with the family is enjoyed. They had a look around the village, stopped at Kikis' Mini Market, where Kiki handed out lollypops to their children while all the yachties outside ogled their chartered boat. The largest Ketch in the world with a world record for crossing the Atlantic in four days. Greeces' reluctant ex -royals then settled along the bayside for a meal at Penelopes (Steves' Place), at which royal service was given them by the Penelope family.
August 19th - Below left - Viki is in Vathy for the entire Summer, she might even stay the Winter, but for now it's the Sun and sea and a little work at Dexa Beach.


There are still alot of new faces coming to the island.

Above Left to Right - Yiannis the Accordianist , Yiorgos the bassplayer and Spiros the drummer. These guys played their socks off at an impromtu rock performance in the courtyard of Drakouli (the big place along the shore front in Vathy with the pool). They, along with Laki (on page 8), were special guests of the Chappries, made up of local Vathy lads, Stavros Delaportas, Dimos Kostopoulos, Nikos Karantzis and Vagos. Yiannis and Yiorgos have been coming to Ithaki through their association with Nikos K and the 'Oh My Garden' band for the past 5 years and Spiros is well known on Ithaki for his loose wrists (in the drumming sense). The boys are on Ithaki from Athens. Maybe they;ll wow us some more before the season is over and they return to the Big Smoke.
Above - Is it Maria? I know it's Vasili next to her. Vasili is the brother of Gerasimos or is that Vasili? I'm so confused...Not really. We caught up with these two at Drakouli in Vathy settling in for a long night of entertainment and good times.
August 20th - Above - Jerry is here with his girlfriend Victoria from Melbourne Australia. His Ithacan connection is to the Stavros Vasilopoulos clan. He'll be catching up with relatives, but he intends to get some sun while he's here . He hasn't seen any in awhile. Better get a move on. Forget about jet lag. Two weeks go by very fast here.

ROAD RAGE!! How many 4 wheel drives can an Ithaki road take? These cars have the title of off the road vehicles. Get the hint? If you don't have a field to drive through to get home, get yourself a VW, then everyone could stay on the road and not be forced into the gravel.

Above - Matt came to Ithaca with Jerry and Victoria, but he has another reason to be in Greece. His girlfirend Caroline Bartasek is competing in the Olympics in Tae Kwondo. Matt, Jerry and Victoria will be heading to Athens to support her in the competition. Good Luck Caroline!
August is nearly over
August 24th - Above and Right - Jane, Paul and Anna from Manchester in the UK. They're on Ithaki for the second time this year. Guess they must really like it.

August 25th - Top Far Right - Yiorgos and Left - Tina and Ourania. This little Patras family finally get to go on holiday and they get stuck on the broken ferry in Vathy. Ourania had a great time. she used the Cabin as her Cubby House and got her parents undivided attention for 5 or so hours.. Yiorgos is a nurse and Tina, an English Teacher.


Over the next few days Ithaki will no doubt empty dramatically as all the kids go back to school and another Summer nears its' end. After pre - season speculation on how the Olympics would effect tourism, Ithacans were suprised at the magnitud of visitors to the island. It must be said that Tour Companies seemed to be down however. September will fare better for them.
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