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Summer Lodown



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Ithaca Greece
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May 2004


Wednesday May 26th - Alan Rickman??


Left - Jill and Neil are on Ithaca from London for the third time, initially lured to the island by it's mythology, they keep coming back now because of the friendliness of the natives and the peace and quiet some parts of the island offer them. We caught up with them in Platrithia having a chat with Andy and Mark about their restaurant Yefyri (the old Levendis) which will open around July if the 'slowly slowly' of Ithaca doesn't turn July into August, September or October. Jill and Neil took the trail to Homers School and back so the boys offered them a cold drink and a cool place to sit. Neil is webmaster of the Gold Wing Owners Club in the UK, a bikie club he keeps on the internet. CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE. .The guy taking a running jump is Mark. He's a movie designer who really knows how to add colour to a plain back drop. He's also one of the owners of Yefyri..

Thursday 27th May - Nicholas and Emily Patricios are back on Ithaca for 3 weeks visiting relatives and friends. Nicholas family originates from Lahos and Emily's from Kioni. Both their families moved to Johannesburg South Africa where Nicholas and Emily met at University. They now live in Miami in the US where they have been for 24 years. Nicholas is a writer and has an interesting book out on the history of Kefallinia and Ithaki. For more in for go to Ithaca Greece link History and Myth.

May 28th - Jeffrey / Geoffrey and Fran left today after spending their yearly 3 weeks in Kioni. They look healthy and rested and tanned as they relax infront of Spavento Bar for their last afternoon until next year. They are loved regulars of Kioni as each year they stay in the same rooms they have stayed in each time they holiday on Ithaca. See you next year!

Mel Gibson is on Ithaca. No one is telling where he's staying which is a good thing. There are a couple of people here on the island ready to get his autograph into their scrapbooks. So keep your head down Mel. You have no idea how many Australians there are living here, ready, eager and able to let some of that @#$^^$# Aussie humour out of the closet to someone they love to call 'their own' .

June 2004
June 6th - Jon and Sam are ready to head off home again to Suffolk in England after a couple of weeks in Kioni, where they enjoyed their nights at Spavento bar and meeting the locals. They both work in the Health industry back home. Jon is a Health Inspector. Guess they didn't find anything to make them go "Yuck!" They're both smiling like cheshire cats. We like that.

Paul the Rep from Simply Ionian.
Mark the Rep from Greek Islands
Julie the Rep from Ionian Islands
Kate the Rep from Greek Islands


June 9th - The Tour Reps take a break from their clients to party and let down their hair before the Summer really gets going. It's been awhile since the old disco (Asteria) in Frikes saw any action, but these Aggli (English) didn't waste any time in re-igniting the vibe.


Zoe working for Kate at Greek Islands Club in Kioni



June 10th - Lucky has arrived and wasted no time getting into the swing of it at Bemenis on his first night. Today he heads down to Poli to see what needs doing and maybe setting up his chairs. For now his plans are to wrap it up here and go back to Australia after the Summer, but Ithaki is full of surprises and you never know what can comeup to make him change his mind. There's always room for one more on Ithaca in winter.


June 15th - Liz and Andy flew into Cephalonia from the Uk and got to Ithaca in the early hours of the morning for a short weeks' break. Liz brought her partner Andy along while she visits her good friends Poppy and Nektarios in Frikes. This couple was so jet-lagged and tired, but were not allowed to retire to their hotel before Nektarios lined up the svinaki for a welcome to Ithaca toast. Hang on!

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