Summer Lodown


Summer Lodown



Faces of Summer

Ithaca Greece
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June 16th - As the Flotillas roll in, some familiar faces are carried in with them. These here are the crew and guests of the Kirky. L - R - Tony, aka Lou Reed, (sorry I cut off half of your pretty face), Matt (crew), Tracy (crew), Niko (crew, also happens to be Tonys' son or love child of Mr. Reed) and Susanne. They are a happy smiling mix of Aussies and Brits, and I heard something about Denmark too, maybe Susanne?? Tony and Susanne stomped and still do, the same grounds as I back in Melbourne, Australia, so I just had to get a photo. Those good old pubs where your feet stick to the carpet and bands play til 3am.What a flashback! The Kirky is on Ithaca for three days (I might try to get the full Tony during that time) until they head off to their next destination. Happy sailing guys and maybe you can grafitti 'E was here' in the Espy toilet, if they haven't gone upmarket.
Addendum - This is the whole pretty face of Tony
June 17th - Jess, the cute waitress and BA from Spavento Bar in Kioni, meets her old school friend, Geoff, at the ferry at Piso Aetos. Geoff is a Melbourne boy and world traveler since leaving High School, but it's his first time to Greece. He's been in Seattle for the past months doing his Honors in Computer Science and before he heads back to Melbourne to start on his Phd, he's getting in a little extra travel. Ithaki is his first stop, then Sweden, then Inidia and lastly (for this year at least) a little trekking in Nepal. Geoff says he's going to eat his way through the world as he savours each bite of his first Greek meal at Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes.
Tonight Geoff will get his first sleep in 36 hours and tomorrow or the day after, his luggage may also arrive after being lost at Heathrow Airport.


The fun of traveling

June 21st - Clive is here on Ithaca from the UK so much that he may as well be a local. In Frikes he is considered to be just that. He's settling in to watch England play on the tele at Rementzo.
23rd June - WHO'S LEAVING

Every year around this time, a group of Ithacas men take off to the tiny island of Kastos for it's annual festival. Here the expedition is undertaken by some of Ithakis finest and strongest. L - R Yiorgos Karantzis from Kioni, Andreas Alimantiri from Stavros and Aggelos Kanas from Frikes. Aggelos captains his fare vessel while they all sing, drink and be merry for the 1 1/2 hour journey across Ulysses Ionian to the barely inhabited Kastos. There they will sing, drink, EAT and be merry until it's time to come back to their wives and children who will patiently await their return home the next day.

June 25th - Anna (Above) is in Greece meeting up with her sister Roghaia before she connects to the rest of the world in the company of her boyfriend. Anna and Roghaia are Greek/Jordanians, who's Greek roots stem from Lesbos.

Roghaia and Peter Fatouras (Left) are on Ithaca visiting friends and family. Peters family roots are from Stavros. It has been 6 years since his last visit to the island and they're going to make the most of it. They'll be here for over a month, maybe longer. We caught up with them at Polis


Let's get straight into it. It's July
Yianni is on Ithaki for only 10 short days. He thought he'd drop in before he continues to travel around Europe and the US for business.
The traveling music salesman is back from Africa with another wide selection of cds on sale. The last tracks never play through, so make sure it's not your favorite one.

Lakis Raftopoulos has been visiting Ithaki, especially Frikes every year since the early 70's, what's more he was born here and moved to Brisbane, Australia when he was 8. He remembers the reason for that move with great clarity. He and his family did what many on the island did after the 1953 earthquakes. Leave. On that fateful day, he was riding the family donkey through Frikes with his mother ahead and his younger brother behind him. When the earth began to shake, the donkey lost it's legs and Laki toppled onto the road. He saw massive boulders loosen from the mountain side and fall into the Frikes bay, just missing his brother. Buildings collapsed, including the second storey of what is now the Rementzo Restaurant, and many more rocks detached from the mountain to make Ithaca a dangerous place to be at that time. Laki was reminded of that day last year with the quake at Lefkada that shook Ithaki. It was 50 years down to about 2 hours since the devastating '53 quakes. He remembers the community pitching tents in the flat land, where they stayed for months, and planes dropping supplies for them. His father, who was about to return to Ithaca after working in Australia for some time, decided that it would be better for the family to join him there, rather than for him to return to the ruins of the island. Laki has many great stories and a view over the changing Ithaki that spans over 60 years.

A man with many memories of Ithaki
Georgia from Melbourne is back again in Kioni for another Summer
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