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September .Tuesday 21st

Last night we saw our first storms and rain in around 6 months. Lightning started flashing through the skies 4 to 5 hours before it hit Ithaki as the weather travelled down from the north west. It raged all night, but amazingly there were no blackouts. Early morning there are grey skies, but the temp is mild and supposedly the weather should clear by the afternoon.

Out with the old, in with the new. hOME ithaca greece is now at its' new address

Summer Lodown Who's Here has finished for another year, but Around the Villages will still be updated until the end of September after which Winter On Ithaca 2004 - 2005 begins.

News in Kioni is that the water supply for the village has been temporarily cut off. The problem is unknown, at least to the villagers and hOME ithaca greece.

I'm scraping the barrell now, but other news is that the British Princes came to Ithaki and I missed them and that the storm that hit Ithaki yesterday passed quickly leaving nothing but September sunshine in its' wake.

September .Friday 24th

The Kefalonia ferry is back servicing the island. What a relief! The 'fill in' ferry was reported as a nightmare. Blue Star have sold the ship to Strintzis who had years earlier sold it to Blue Star. Ithacans don't care who owns it, they just want someone to run it from Ithaca to Patra. Travelling Ithacans are happy again.

September .Saturday 25th

News on the Sea Planes is that AirSea Lines are the company operating the service. They will have six planes this year, ranging from a DHC 6 de Havilland Twin Otter plane, capable of taking 19 passengers, to a DHC 2 de Havilland, with seats for just six. The fleet is expected to grow to 25 over the next five years. The service starts for Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Paxos and Lefkada. The fares from one island to another will vary from 35 euros (£24) to 100 euros (£69). There will also be a service to Brindisi in Italy.

September .Sunday 26th

Storms started in the early hours of the morning and continued through the day. Ithaki was without power for hours due to a fault at Kefalonia.. Thunder travelled like a fleet of planes across the skies in long drawn out roars before finally breaking. It was an unearlthy sound. Lots of rain, lots of wind and then around 5.45pm, rays of sun fell over Ithaki again, but not for long. The night brought more rain and distant thunder which petered out eventually while everyone was tucked cosily into their beds.

The changing skies over Ithaki from 8am Sunday 26th to 8am Monday 27th.

Ithaki General is over for a nother year. Go to Winter on Ithaca for all the latest on Ithaki during October 2004 - April 2005
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