Winter on Ithaca

2004 - 2005

Ithaca Greece
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Welcome to another Winter on Ithaca.
Enjoyall the colours and moods that Winter on the island offers. It's a quiet time with increasing isolation as we head deeper into the season...But not yet. There are still a few tourists trying to get in a swim and a taste of what life is really like around Ithaki now that the heavy tourist season is over.
Frikes at dusk on a mild September Eve.
September 28th - Walking on Ithaki is a real treat. No matter how many times you look at the spectacular views, they are never tiring. Below - The view from Homers School.
Last day of September
September 29 - The heavy clouds break to reveal a brilliantly clear day.
A cosey night in Western Vathy. The Capital of Ithaki really comes into its' own at night. It's really very beautiful.
Gregory from Paliocaravo
After a few days of rain and storms the sky clears up and inspires everyone to get out and about again. The views during the day were just spectacular. There's nothing like a good rain and clearing gust of wind to open up the horizon again. At night too, many restaurants and bars were busy with people enjoying the clear mild night. At Paliocaravo (left) or Gregorys as many know it, there was a celebratory mood inside and out. Vathys' lights flickering across the bay and all the lights of Perahori village high above and a full moon lit up the black ocean
Vathy in October
Let's take a drive from Vathy to Anoghi. We start at the Venetian Bell tower and end on the road which descends from Anoghi to Stavros.
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Right - The annual blessing of the fish at Polis bay was again a great way to spend the morning. The weather was great and the community was in the best of spirits as volunteers served up fried sardines, salad and fresh bread, not to forget some potent local wine, to all who attended.
Friday 1st October
Sardine Festival at Polis Bay
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October 4th - Over the past week ithaki has been bathed in tender warm days, still seas and clear. blue skies. It's a great time to be on the island. Those lucky enough to be holidaying here now, get to have this paradise virtually to themselves. There is an air of calm all around, but especially Vathy, which in Summer buzzes with tourism and the frantic lives of the locals who service it.
String fishing in the bay, shopping, finding that special Cafe for a drink, taking a long walk around the horse-shoe bay of Vathy town, getting together with some friends, the smell of souvlaki sizzling on the grill, laughter,'s the simple things
Autumn light and shortering days.
Below - Sunset at Lefki
An extended Summer
The mainland coastline clearly in view
Wednesday the 6th October - 9.30am. View from Varka. Nothing but blue skies today. The sea looks a bit choppy and there's a wind blowing acorss the Ionian, but it's days like today you'll see amazing crisp views all around the island. The day is crystal clear. Look! Not a cloud.
Consensus in the northern isle is that this year, the Season is extended. More people are discovering that Autumn on Ithaki offers great insights into the real Greece and especially island life. There's a real sense of community between the locals and the tourists. Just one big family. Some restaurants have closed their doors, but there are still plenty of them with their doors wide open and good food and wine ready for all to enjoy. Some tour operators finish off at the end of this week and others are still working until the end of the month. Once these operators close up shop, we'll no doubt see a dramatic drop in the population of Ithaki...but that's what everyone thought when the end of August arrived. Could Ithaki see some Winter tourism this year?
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LET'S GO FOR A DRIVE FROM VATHY TO ANOGHI Click on photo to see more pics from the Sardine Festival