Winter on Ithaca

2004 - 2005

Ithaca Greece











































































































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Christmas decorations light up the streets of Stavros
Wed 8th Dec - Stavros is alive with a glittering array of colours as all the shops and locals decorate for the festive season. The park, this year, is missing the big plastic Santa and is instead sparkling with a classy show of Christmas lights decorated through the trees. Nice work.
Stavros main street
Gift shop and Hairdresser
Road side
Margarita Cafe - The Zac
Soboula Mini Market
Petra restaurant
Aliki Lingerie
Yiannis Taverna
Christmas is just around the corner


Winter so far has been quite mild with tops of 18 degrees C, but it is damp. Dampness seems to play havoc with phone lines which makes connecting onto the internet very difficult most days. Please be patient with updates to hOME ithaca greece website.

Sat 11th Dec - Lefki locals Lyn and Derek, owners of Lefki Cottages, have sold up and are moving to Australia or New Zealand. The 7 year itch. All their friends on Ithaca and from around the world wish them all the best.

The Cossack Ballet Co who performed here during summer, is giving a special performance in Vathy tonight at the Cultural Center. Mythology through dance. A little culture to the dwindling population of Ithaki.

Tuesday 14th Dec - Left - Yes it's December and yes it's winter, but at Aetos, the clear, calm waters were too tempting to ignore on this mild weathered day for these two girls and their dog.

Around Vathy the Christmas cheer is decorating the streets and the sunny day brings everyone out and about.

2 Dimitris meet for a chat
Below - New Sweet shop Kappatos, has opened its' doors in Vathy across from the bus stop.
Above - Karamella Cafe is also new to Vathy. Now when you get off the ferry, you can stop for some refreshments
Drink while you think. You can also enjoy the harbour view.
High up over Vathy on the path to The Cave of The Nymphs. Click here or on Photo above for more pics.

More road safety measures have been put in place around the island with speed hump reflectors placed before each village to slow down the petrol heads, be they foreigners or locals. An excellent move by the Council to make Ithakis roads safer. With increasing traffic on the island, especially during the Summer season, everyone needs to take more care, remembering children still play in the streets and the aged with hearing loss and limited agility, may not react quickly enough to the speeding car, bike or truck.

Talking to some of the locals over the past view days, boredom seems to be a common denominator. Will Ithaca have another baby boom next year?

Sat 18th Dec - Christmas is just around the corner now and there seems to be alot of cheer in the decorations around the island. In Kioni, the Koutsouvelis family from Avra Restaurant have taken the opportunity to brighten up the harborside and Yiorgos and Jenny from Spavento continue their yearly ritual at Spavento. It's really pouring outside, but what the heck, it's Saturday night. Gotta go out
Avra Restaurant
Spavento Bar
Party night at Spavento
A dog, a car and a boat in Frikes
Sunday 19th Dec - Left - Now that's committment for you. When all you get in Frikes is a dog, a car and a boat, Kikis Mini market still opens its' doors for the Frikes community. Trading hours at the moment are 9.30 - 11.00 am and 5pm until around 8pm. Say hi to Oz, it can get a bit lonely on a winters' day.
A Spring day Christmas on this sunny, mild day. hOME ithaca greece website wishes everyone a happy and safe festive season.
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Click on Photo for On the Road to Cave of the Nymphs, Ithaca