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Fri 8 Apr - News on Ithaki is that daughter of film maker Francis Ford Copolla is here on the island scouting for location. It seems the Copollas may be making a movie here. Something about an english submarine which went down in the channel between ithaca and Kephalonia. The grapevine has Tom Cruise playing the lead. Ooh aah!

Other news is that a mobile phone tower may be erected in Raxi. Some Kioni locals are staying vigilant to see that it doesn't happen while others welcome it. Under the pretext of being able to finally use your mobile phone in Kioni, but more likely that it will benefit nearby islands, the phone carrier is renting private property to establish this tower that many believe will endager health and the village itself. If you have any objections you may want to contact the Ithaki council. Go to links page for their address.

Sat 9 Apr - The 20 degree day is cooling down somewhat with the increasing cloud cover.
With only a few weeks til Easter, everyone around the island is gearing up for the hordes (if we're lucky) that will descend on Ithaca. Soon church bells will be ringing out across the valleys and we'll have the smell of the bbq wafting through the air as meat roasts on spits in the gardens of most houses on the island. It's a special time on Ithaki. The giant National celebration allows everyone to get back home from wherever they may be working and living to support themselves, to spend time with their families. With all the new babies born recently, there'll be many more families finding the spirit of Easter this year, or maybe drowning themselves in it, depending on how much sleep they're getting.
Tomorrow 10th April, hOME ithaca greece starts publishing its' pseudo Agony Aunt column ' Tell Me About it'. This is only accessible through the 'What's New on Ithaca Greece' page. I've received so many letters and unfortunately I haven't been able to use them all. Some because I just couldn't understand them, others were too obscene and some were even boring. To those who cannot write English, you can also write in Greek or German and I will translate them and publish them if they are worth it. You can get the email from What's new.
Having had a good look around the net, I find my photos and info turning up in all sorts of places. If you're an Ithacan individual and you're not making money off your site, or if you have asked permission there's no problem, but companies will be served notice for copywrite breach. Don't think cropping here and there makes any difference. I know which photos are from hOME ithaca greece. Boy! It's a byte eat byte world out there. I will say it again hOME ithaca greece. (C) 2003. All rights reserved. This means no reproduction or copying of photographs or any parts thereof, of information or any other materials published on this site. ASK FIRST.

Sunday 10 April - (Left) - Dimitris and Ioanna Lekatsas, from Laertis Farm Fruit Market in Stavros, are looking pretty happy with themselves and why not. Ioanna is expecting their second child and Dimitri has just been relieved of excruciating back pain from which he has suffered for months and months. Only a couple of weeks out of hospital where he underwent major back surgery, he's now walking, bending, holding his son and sitting around smiling and enjoying the relief. Locals are thrilled with his recovery. It means the face all Stavros is accustomed to behind the counter of Laertis, will be there again serving up the fruit and vegetables to the northern Island.

I'm off to Pelion for a week, home of the Greek traditional sweet, preserved fruit, served up at Kafenions all over the country. Back on the 19th.


Tue 19 April - I'm back after a week in Pelion. It was great! but too short. So much to see and so much to eat and so little time. There'll be picks very soon, have been busy answering all your emails first and now I'll get to the Pelion trip. You may be wondering what has Pelion got to do with Ithaca, well...nothing really, but the reason I post these trips on the site are to give you all a quick look at other great places around Greece. Having travelled around the country extensively, I can tell you that Greece is a sensory surprise with many hidden treasures one does not expect from this country, especially if you travel through post card images of Mykonos and the like. The landscape changes around every corner and if you lose concentration for a moment, you could easily believe you are in Germany or Switzerland, even Leongatha in Australia. Yeap. Greece is a wonderful land to explore.

Wed 20 April - The season gets under way with the first Flotilla sailing into Vathy yesterday. Tour Reps are also setting up house around the island, preparing for the Summer influx.
Photo by Rien Post of Lefki Cam
Finally got it together. Couldn't decide which pics to put on so I just put on nearly everything. Pelion is a real surprise when you go for the first time. Enjoy.
Yesterday the sun was shining and Ithaki was out and about fixing their boats, planting in their gardens...
Today, Thur 21 Apr, it's been raining most of the day and half the island is under cloud cover as the skies storm across the Ionian. That's Spring weather for you.
The continuing saga of Ote, the phone company. The phones went dead again today, at least in the northern Isle. They were dead the weekend I went to Pelion, they were dead the weekend before that and many more times before that in this tale of beep beep beep. Luckily it's a week day and within half an hour northern Ithaca was back on line, but for how long. That this keeps happening is beyond me. I have made a formal complaint to which there has been no response. (got to say I didn't really expect one) Please. You guys who work for Ote, I know you are caring, decent men. Can't you fix this problem, whatever it is, once and for all. Some days there is no tv, other days no power and now no phone either? What if someone needs help. If there is work being done on the lines, I wish we'd be informed. It's only decent customer service. What do you say Ote. Will you pull your finger out or do you first need the finger. We pay. You serve. That's supposed to be the deal. So far you owe me and the rest of the community inconvenienced by this for services not rendered.
Fri 22 Apr - The Big Week of Easter is just around the corner, so it's no suprise that the island is filling up with people again. Left - Sonja and children, who move between Switzerland and Ithaca many times a year, are back for a few weeks, moving into their new house and catching up with friends.
Right - Bemeni is having his last supper at Rementzo last night, pre - Opening Night tonight at Bemenis Bar in Frikes. Unshaven, wild and rugged after weeks on his new big, fishing boat,, he's called away from the swells and the nets to line up the svinaki for the northern island once again.
In Kioni, Spavento Bar is given a new coat of paint inside and out and it looks like the Season is ready to begin.
Sad news for the Kalinikos family. Fonda, nephew of Niko Kalinikos, Chief Captain of the Onasis Fleet, was killed in a car accident this week on the mainland. Fonda had lived in his uncles house in Kioni for many years. Our sympathies go to the Kalinikos family.
Above - Bemenis and Demetri compare sizes. Maybe I should have stretched this pic out about 6 inches?
Niko from Spilia Apartments in Stavros  
Above - Owner, architect, designer and builder Niko Vasilopoulos of Spilia apartments in Savros takes a break at Bemenis. Letting loose.
Below - The day Bemenis opens means the boys are back in Frikes.
Bemenis Opens its doors
Sat 23 Apr - Last night was the big opening of Bemenis in Frikes. The village is now officially open for business again with Meropi and Olympia from Symposium Restaurant also opening their doors joining Rementzo restaurant and Ovelistirio Grill. It's been a long winter. It seems everyone is excited that there is life once again in the northern villages.
Sat 23 Apr - Right - Meropi from Symposium Restaurant with Frikes local Yiorgos.
Right - Stathis all painted up while he gets Penelope Restaurant ready for the season
Above - view to Mavrona Bay from Raxi
Above - View to Polis Beach from Stavros, Spilia
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