Winter on Ithaca

2004 - 2005

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Sat 26 Feb - For those on Ithaki looking for a little Winter pocket money, a government incentive to get the island into cyberspace is offering 10 euro per pc lesson during a technology seminar in Vathy. Hmm. I wouldn't mind a pair of new shoes.
Well, that's nearly it for February, reportedly the worst month for Ithacans in terms of cold and loneliness. Just over a week away the island will be enjoying Carnival time with the rest of Greece and we'll all have forgotten about the depth of Winter and will be instead, looking forward to Spring, Easter and all the trappings associated with it
Spring must be in the air. Tails up! It's mating season for mans' best friend.
Early evening at Margaritas (the Zac) in Stavros. When a long day needs a little conversation and good company.
Sun 27 Feb - Heavy winds last night and today have been driving people crazy. Everything not tied down has become a projectile, making walking the quiet winter streets of Ithaki somewhat of a hazaard zone. It's also causing havoc with Otenet. Instead of the usual 30 - 50 attempts to get a line to connect to the net, an entire 4 hour period passed before I could get a line that didn't hang after connecting. Ithacans on the net demand more modems in Cephalonia. Ithaki has increasing online traffic and needs some attention. Right?
Lefki Cam has been offline for a few months so here's a fill in moment while we wait for its' return.
Mon 28 Feb - Lefki tattoo parlor soon to be open again. All the young lads are awaiting body enhancements from Ithakis Tattooist Rien Post who returns full time to Ithaca on March 8th.
It's been a miserable cold day today, guess I spoke too soon about Spring.
Monday morning northerns head down south for their shopping and banking needs. Meropi from Symposium Restaurant in Frikes chats to Demetri from Spavento Bar in Kioni about the Winter blues. Meropi decided to keep her feet warm under the bedcovers reading the newspaper instead of opening her restaurant this winter. What a cosey idea for today.

Thursday 3rd March there'll be bbqs lit all over the island with meat sizzling for the traditional Thursday pre - Easter affair and Sunday 13th March is Carnival time in Vathy.

Don't forget to check the 2005 Events/Calendar for things happening around Ithaki. With Easter around the corner there'll be more to do.

'I'm singing in the rain'
Wed 2 Mar - Well, things couldn't look more bleak. It feels like it's been raining for weeks and now the temps have dropped again to -2 overnight. Nothing but grey skies wherever you look, puddles wherever you step and clouds hanging so low that if you stand up straight, your head is right in them. So when you are told Ithacans have their heads in the clouds, you can believe it. We do. What we would all give for a ray of sunshine.
Don't forget BBq Thursday. Vathy is putting on the grill in the town square. 3 March
Nightfall over Raxi
Maybe this will cheer everyone up. The Chappries play at Mylos Creperie on Friday 4 March around 10pm. Wear your Beatles haircuts. They will be.
Below - The Raxi General Store and Cafe (Lovingly known as the Raxi Club). Costa gives the locals a warm place to meet, watch some Tv, drink and be merry all through the year. Sometimes the lights are still on at 5am. There must be a party goin' on. Don't be too shy to step inside these doors. The people inside are very, very friendly.
Aleko and Niko have the combined ages of 174, but not even a solid weeks' rain keeps them indoors. They make them strong here on Ithaki.
Where does a shepherd go after a hard days' work? The Raxi Club of course.
Thur 3 March - The road to Ag. Ioannis is paved with great views. Rain falsl on Kephalonia.
A small church in the picturesque Ag. Ioannis village over looks the Strait.
It feels like it's been raining forever. It really has been Arc building weather for weeks. The morning started off drizzly and gloomy, but as the day progressed there seemed to be a break in the the rain and clouds finally began to disperse leaving a blue sky to cheer everyone up. BBq Thursday wasn't washed out to the locals delight. We caught Maki from Margarita Cafe sizzling up the afternoon with souvlaki and pork on the coals. The Stavros school also fired up the grill to feed the kids and their parents/ friends/relatives....
The smell of the souvlaki grilling wafted through the village of Stavros around 2pm. People were led by their noses to seek out the feast of meat prepared by Makis the proprietor of Margarita Cafe (or the Zac as locals call it). His wife Maria served those that braved the cold today. Everyone ate up big. Tonight in Vathy the Football club is holding a dance at the Mentor Hotel to gather up funds for their 'away games' yet to be won (or lost)
Below - As many Ithacans miss their beloved island I am giving you a bench to sit on(line). Sit back, enjoy the view. It's warm in the sun.
3.30pm outside Raxi - Thu 3rd March
The Chappries play Mylos Creperie in Vathy - Friday March 4th
They came. They played. They conquered. Mylos Creperie crowd is a tough crowd to please, but theChappries boys, with their Beatles uniform and their Metallica attitude, won them over right after the 15 minute break they took to get a new kick drum. The butch drummer put his foot right through the skin, but what else would you expect from these wild boys of rock. Razor edged guitar solos and wailing vocals, pounding drums and Terminator bass. Wow! what a night!
click on photo above for the lodown
Wed 9 Mar - Carnival Fever hits Ithaki. Fri 11 There's a Carnival Party at Mylos Creperie Vathy.
Stavros Childrens' Carnival
Sunday 6th March 2005
What a way to break the monotony of a month of rain. The Carnival colour spread some joy and good cheer around northern Ithaki even though the winds were beginning to howl and the skies threatened another endless dowpour.

Ithaki expects an influx of people coming to the island for Carnival on Sunday. If the weather that the forecast predicts, eventuates, it should be a great day. After some rain this morning and a new dump of snow on the mainland mountains, it cleared up to be a beautiful day. There is a bitter cold snap upon us however, with a mere top of 10 degrees today, it's not time yet to pack away the scarves and hats, but who cares, the sun is shining and Rien the Tatooist is back in Lefki. So, shave those backs, pump up those muscles, get up th nerve and get that favourite sketch you've always wanted etched on your chest to the man who will duplicate it for you or come up with a better version. Life is good, isn't it?

To all those enquiring about the Spavento twins, let me tell you they are growing big and strong and sooooooooo very cute. No I'm not forgetting about Ariadne, baby girl of Rementzo pair Poppy and Nektarios. she's 3 months old now and cute as a button (a really good looking button, not one of those nobbly ones with four holes)

In other Ithaki news. If you're looking for a firm onion, forget it. Not a single firm onion on the entire island. Don't know about you, but I'm disappointed.

Fri 11 Mar - Stavros school was closed down today with 99% of the kids sick with flu. For better news, the gods are smiling down on us today with some yearned for sunshine. Not a drop of rain all day and barely a cloud in the sky. Lots of celebrations around our island of Ithaca this weekend. With Clean Monday only a few days away, everyone is getting in as much meat as they can stomach before Lent begins. Tomorrow 7.30pm in Stavros there is something going on. I haven't been told what exactly, but I have been told to be there, so I guess there will be photo ops to share with you. And on Sunday of course, it's Carnival time. There'll be lots of colourful and hopefully some outrageous photos to be snapped. Let's hope the rain holds off. Weather forecast is for higher temps from today on, but Carnival organizers are glued to their tvs keeping an eye on things. What else... Ah yes. Footy on tv has kept the boys on the island entertained these past few days. Every Cafe with Cable saw the boys were looked after. Hugs and hoorays all around every goal and crying on eachothers' shoulders for every opportunity missed. I've always seen football as an excuse for men to be physical with eachother, let their sensitivity come out with a slap on the well as doing that macho thing of getting injured and getting kicked in the head without batting an eyelid. Keeps the boys off the streets I guess. What about the women? Most of them are watching Fame Story and falling in love with Periklis.
Fri 11 March - Tragedy hit Kioni last night when fire exploded in old Babbies house. He was found dead, cause of death yet unknown. The Kioni community is shocked by the tragic loss of the old timer, who was known by all. By the time the Fire department arrived from Perahori the house was just a smouldering pile of ash, completely destroyed, which made the task of searching for Babbi very difficult and traumatic for those involved. That it took the Fire Department an hour and a half to reach the scene of the fire, sent a strong message to the Northern Ithaki community, a station needs to be set up on the Northern isle to avoid other such devastating outcomes. Our sympathies go out to Babbis family.
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Click here to get the look inside a Chappries Show down click on photo to see more pics of stavros carnival