Winter on Ithaca

2004 - 2005

Ithaca Greece
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Saturday Oct. 30 - roadworks along the Aetos stretch of road is going very well. Dry walling is currently being prepared for the hill slope which will make this section of road not only functional and safe, but attractive as well. On one side, the mountain with its' olive groves and on the other, the bay of Aetos. Until its' completion, please drive slowly. There is only room for 1 car.
The end of October is here and Ithaki has had the good fortune of mostly mild and warm weather thus far. Let's see what November brings.

To everyone that has written to hOME ithaca greece enquiring about Jenny and Yiorgos from Spavento, I am happy to inform you all that they now have 2 beautiful twin boys. Nikos (named after Jennys' father) and Theofilos (named after Yiorgos father). All are well and the new parents are exuberantly happy as you can imagine. Today I passed on your good wishes to them. Jenny and Yiorgo want to thank everyone for their interest and concern. They're so happy and proud that guess what, we have permission to post a couple of photos for you all to enjoy. As they are still in Athens, getting into a routine before coming back to Ithaki, I will put the pics up when they come to hand.

Below - the colours of Frikes in October.

290 kb ... please be patient
It's November and the weather is still warm
Wednesday 3rd Oct - For the past four days it's been 'dead calm'. A little spooky too. Not a wisp of wind and low lying cloud that just hung over the villages like a thick smoky blanket. The air didn't move a centimeter. Today we have airflow and a predicted weather change coming from the north which should finally bring that winter weather to Ithaca, but we'll wait and see. The Indian Summer may hang around a bit longer.
Good news for Northern Ithaki is that the Stavros Town Hall is being completely renovated, and during the Winter months, there will be a movie shown there each Friday for those who can't get down to the Vathy Cinema.
Monday 8th Nov - It had to happen. The weather is finally changing. It's still not cold, but as the north of Europe cools, so do we. The Touristic Ithaki has all, but closed down now, but if you're coming to the island, don't despair, there are still great places to eat and congregate. In Vathy, Kalkanis Grill just behind the Square and Drosia Taverna in the hills, always offer great winter feasts, while Mylos Creperie has those special crepes. In Frikes, Meropi and Olympia from Symposium Restaurant and Andreas and Yiannis from Ovelistirio spit roast grill have decided to stay open for the Winter, giving the northerns a choice this year. Kiki Mini Market will also open a few hours each day. The town of Stavros never closes. What you get in Summer, you can get all year round in this village. Yiannis for Pizza and Pasta, Margarita and Lotus for Sweets and conversatons with the locals. Stavros is the hub of a Northern Ithacan Winter. In Kioni you can sit for a coffee at Avra Restaurant, have a relaxed chat with Costa and Dimitri, hang out at Spavento Bar, open each day at 5pm and all day Sunday except for a couple of mid afternoon hours, and the Kioni Hotel, which has become a favourite place to eat pizza. Can't forget about Anoghi. The Taverna, Cafe and town shop in the village square is always open for business.
The skies opened up, but that didn't stop the ferry run
Then came a peace offering from the gods

Tuesday 9th Oct - Heavy rains passed through Ithaki yesterday, as they did all over Greece, but the island missed the really fierce weather which battered some islands and cities. The Front has marked the start of cooler weather. Time to get out the jackets and windbreakers.

This morning a Greek Airforce jet flew the waterline inbetween Kephalonia and the southern edges of Ithaki at record speed. Very freaky, looking down on a jet from the road above. Is that allowed?

Leaving Ithaki with cool day with fresh views of the Mainland
Wed 10th Oct - Below - Frikes Olive Press
Twin peeks is over. We did just promise a peek, not a slide show.
Mon 15th Nov - Heavy rains and fierce winds have been battering the island over the past days, but today there was finally a break in the bad weather. Ithaki was bathed in sunshine for most of the day, then mid afternoon it poured again. Temps have been very mild for this time of year, but that is about to change says the weather bureau. From tomorrow the temps will fall to around 16 C.
Fri 12th Nov - Click here or on photo below for Around Vathy
24th NOV - HOUSE /APARTMENT WANTED. This webmrs and oikogenia is being evicted due to owner family moving back in. Min 2 bedroom House with heating and in good condition wanted for renting all year round , preferrably northern Ithaki, but south is not out of the question. If you have a house and are wanting to rent to reliable, clean people with internet site, please email for all your questions or call +30 6976 045 016. We're getting desperate, so please get in touch.
Sunday 28th Nov - Home fires are burning all over the island as Winter finally hits Ithaki. Over the past 10 days we've had near zero degrees with biting winds, but also great sunny days with clear views.
Getting off the island can be a little more difficult now as wind force increases to 6 - 8 and above.

Signs that Christmas is around the corner are also appearing around the island. Plastic Santas and neons are being dusted down to decorate shopfronts, window displays and houses, trees, light poles and boats etc etc. Let's see how bright Ithaki will shine this year. This Merry season should also bring some people back to the island for the celebrations which will continue past the New Year.

Sunday 5th Dec - Poppy and Nektarios from Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes had a baby girl this morning. Mother and baby are healthy and fine.

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