Winter on Ithaca

2004 - 2005

Ithaca Greece
Rain, Rain, Rain
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The last day of January and it's raining a full days' rain. Last night it reportedly snowed a little in Anoghi and the temp is damp and chilly from the north island to the south. With the National Bank of Greece on strike today, Vathy is a little quieter than what is usual on a Monday morning, but rain or no rain, chores need to be done or at least seem to be done.
Looking for company
Taxi drivers wait for their passengers
Rushing back to the car
Taking cover from the rain
Vathy Square is empty
Midday resembles evening
Wed 2 feb - Bad weather for all over Greece and this time we're not missing out. As the clouds begin to cover the hills and the sky blackens, the temperature drops to a Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cold, we wonder if we're not going to see some snow very soon on the island. Luckily that's a rare occurrence for Ithaki. Mountain villages on the mainland are snowed in, some without water, electricity or any means of escape from the meters of snow covering them, so Ithaca is not complaining about the 4 degree temps or the rain. Compared to the rest of Winter Europe, Ithaca is very well off at this time of year.
View down to Frikes Bay
View across Stavros

Rain, hail or shine, there is one thing that brings the locals out no matter what the weather, and that's football ... oh and getting that pack of cigarettes before the Zac closes.

View across to Lefkada
View across to the Mainland
Snowy peaks all around the island today as the cold snap closes in on Ithaki. Anoghi got a light covering of snow on it's mountain tops also. Locals headed up to the mountain village to get a better look and then what better way to warm up than to stop at the village Cafenion for lunch.
Anoghi Cafenion
The wood burner at the Anoghi Cafenion warms up Viki from the cold, who didn't get away for her Spanish holiday today as planned due to bad weather. The ferry didn't leave this morning and by the time many realized it was leaving at midday, it was already heading out to sea. Due to the late departure, there is only one trip to Patras today. The News predicts worse weather to come (as well as MAYBE a tidal wave next earthquake) over the next day or so. Good luck to all planning to leave Ithaki in a hurry.
Wed 9 Feb - Your Webbie is leaving you for a week to get a little pollution in her lungs in Athens. Here's a view across Platrithia across to Aphales until then.
Back in a week
Sat 19 Feb - Is a week over already? What can I say. The truth is I wish I was still there in Athens, but alas I'm needed here to feed you all a little Ithaca every couple of days. Anyway, there was sunshine and snow, car breakdowns (one on the way there, one on the way back) 120km winds, storms 11 force seas never seen in Athens, shopping, people, lights, colour, action. Took a few pics for the Athens lovers both here and overseas. There may be no updates over the next few days. Finally moving house.
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Wed 23 Feb - After a couple of weeks of rain and storms, it's nice to enjoy a blue sky, sunny day, even when it's cold. hOME ithaca greece webmrs has had her holiday, moved house and can now be dedicated to updating you all on what's happening on Ithaki. News this week is that Poppy and Nektarios from Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes now own the business outright. Former partner, Makis is retiring to the easy life from now on. For the upcoming season you'll see some new colour, menu choices and ferver there. Frikes has been particularly quiet this winter with the doors to Rementzo closed due to the birth of Poppys' and Nektarios' daughter Ariadne giving them more than enough to keep them busy. Business as usual in April after a Rementzo facelift.
View to Kioni Bay from Raxi hills
View across Frikes Bay from new jetty
Thur 24 Feb - Don't want to lead you down the garden path, but this one in Lahos is so rich with the smell of the forthcoming Spring that I just can't help myself. The island is blooming up very nicely now with wild flowers and almond blossoms. With blue skies mixed with thundery showers and a top temp today of 18C we can just about say that Winter is over. (You can never tell though, tomorrow it may snow) In about 2 weeks it's Carnival time again and Ithaki will be coloured up for the celebrations in Stavros and Vathy. Last year it rained so we're hoping for sunshine this year.
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