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Right - Bus tours from all over Greece are now starting to come in full force to see around our little island, but not everything is beautiful to look at (below) Election propaganda is littering great sections of the north..
Monday 1st June - A hotel sails into Frikes bay and dwarves all the yachts moored there. When the anchor dropped, the sound vibrated through the village and had locals coming bayside to watch the giant dock.
Right - Clouds were beginning to gather overhead, but Dexa always looks amazing, even just before the rain. Dexa is Ithakis Blue Flag beach.
Wednesday 3rd - Below - Frikes is looking alot more picturesque now that the locals have stopped parking along the bayfront. It's less hectic too, giving visitors the chance to just sit and enjoy the views.
Below - Vikki, Damien, Ben and Tom are here from Dorset, UK, and enjoying themselves. We caught up with them in Vathy on their way to Filiatro Beach. Better hurry though, the forecast is for rain.
Left - Nikos Karantzis from Mylos Creperie on the opposite side of the bay to the Village Square,, continues his Ithacan ritual of cycling everywhere.
Above - Around 7pm, Kioni looks particularly beautiful as the golden light begins to fall over the village. Visitors and locals happily share the bayside for their evening drink and snack. Sentouki Boutique in Kioni now stocks childrens wear, so not only can you get all that great clothing for men and women, but the kids can now also dress to the 9s.
In Kioni, The Pantopoleion, run by Aleka Moraitis, is the one stop shop for Deli and Supermarket. Aleka is open all year around. We passed by just as a delivery landed on her step. Meanwhile the fruit and veg man from Lefkada did the rounds around the village in his van.
Left - Dimitris Danis celebrated his birthday with a party for his friends last night at Manu in Vathy. Click Here or on photograph left for more pics.
Tonight is opening night for Artist Exhibition Sevgi Urum, here from Turkey. This is bound to be a very special painting exhibition at Ores Gallery, located behind the Council building in Vathy. (The building with the clock that never has the right time just opposite the bay)
In Athens, parks are being cleared of rubbish and junk to make the city a more beautiful and healthier place for families to be. Frikes here on Ithaca, is trying to do the same by closing off areas where cars park despite the No Parking signs. Pot plants make a colourful fencing to stop this from happening. Unfortunately there are many areas of Ithaca where rubbish dumping occurs, so hopefully Ithaca will jump on the Athens band wagon to clean up the island so we can brag about its' beauty without guilt. Now that the tourist season is going into full swing, rubbish and its' disposal is a bigger problem, so let's each of us be responsible to Keep Ithaca Clean.
Right - L - R - Jennie (Spavento Bar in Kioni) Rob (his first visit to Ithaca since 1986) Demetri, Kate (wife of Rob who hasn't been to Ithaca since 1986) and Harry, now known as Haralambos or Babbi, enjoy a welcome back dinner while reminscing over the 'Good Old Days' when Asteria disco in Frikes was the major nightlife in the north of the island.
The weather is set to heat up again for this long Holy Spirit weekend, not to forget that the EU elections are also being held this Sunday. This should see quite a few more mainlanders coming to our shores. Below - Vathy is looking very picturesque with boats in the harbour and newly white-washed houses welcoming the Summer Season with a gleaming exterior.
Thursday 4th June - Last night at Ores Gallery in Vathy, a very special Exhibition had it's opening night. Sevgi Urum, Turkish artist, who was brought over by Curator & owner of Ores Gallery, Dimitris Danis, exhibited her Efisos Collection on Ithaki. I couldn't make it to the opening so I'd like to thank Judi and Nick Levi for taking photographs and supplying information for ithacagreece.com
Friday 5th - Below - Peggy and Jimmie from the UK, celebrate their 62nd Anniversary together at Yefuri in Platrithia with nearly all the family and some friends close by. L - R - Nick, Judi, Lilia, Ester, Luke, Bunny, Jonathan, Peggy and Jimmie.

Below - Polis Bay. There's not too much action at the beach yet, but the water is already very inviting, and of course if you go to Polis Beach just under Stavros village, you always have Lucky to entertain you while you sit under the cool fig tree or under one of his rental umbrellas and sunlounges.

Below - Kioni is looking all fresh and colourful. Spavento bar is not only known for it's great snacks and ice-creams, but also for Geroges' great selection of music and Jennys' contageous laughter.

Above Left - One of the regular Day Tripper boats leaves Kioni bay for another destination. Above Right - One of Kionis favourite restaurants, Avra, right on the bayside gets ready for its' lunchtime patrons.
Saturday 6th - Fine and warm days ahead this weekend. A change forecast for Thursday, but that doesn't always mean it will hit Ithaki. We have our own micro-climate here. It can rain in Cephalonia and Lefkada, across on the mainland and anywhere else, but here on Ithaki, often it's fine with blue skies.
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