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Saturday 27th - The weathers' been a little erratic to say the least this past week. Cool with cloud cover, hot when the sun comes out, this along with patchy rain, had everyone confused as to what to wear, what to do and where to go. The DEH truck (electrical co) has now moved on to Platrithia. Looks like they're changing the wire on only a selected number of poles. Right - The fields above Afales bay with Lefkada in the distance.
Right - Frikes is always hit very hard when the weather turns bad. In the heat of Summer it's one of the coolest places to be, but when it's cool, everyone in the north heads to Kioni or Stavros.
Above Left - Stavros Square. Above Right - Sunset Cafe. Great views to Polis here while you drink your coffee and eat that snack. The owners of Sunset Cafe were the former owners of Soris Way Crepery.
Left - Exoghi. This village is usually covered in cloud on rainy days, but not this time. It was the ony village doused in sunshine and blue sky.
Stavros Ithaca
Sunday 28th - A better weather day yesterday gave hope that Summer had not been washed away by the rain over the past few days. Left - Oliander on the bay. Above & Below left - More works on the power lines yesterday with no electricity for certain parts of Stavros (me included) again.
Above Left - Cowboy linesman. Above Right - Christos from Kioni working in the kitchen at Fiorendino Bar in Frikes as their favourite 'short order' cook. Pizza anyone?.
Just incase it's skipped your mind, a reminder that the Frikes Festival IS on this coming Tuesday, 30th June. If you're new to Ithaki festivals (Panighiri), let me tell you there'll be live music, more souvlaki than you can poke a stick at, meat on the Spit, drinking and dancing into the early hours.
Monday 29th - Ithakis weather is still a little erratic, but when the sun is out, the beach is the best place to be. While at Polis beach yesterday, I did notice a makeshift barbeque. Just a reminder that lighting fires outdoors at this time of the year is strictly prohibited. No open flame bbqs, not even on the beach. Dry tinder grass is only a few feet away. We can all understand the temptation, but a thoughtless act would mean devistation for our small island.
Left - The clear waters at Polis Beach where speed boats head off to Fiscardo just across the way in Cephalonia, or return. Polis Boat hire makes this an easy thing to do.
Above Left - Lucky from Polis likes to play a trick on his regulars at the beach now and then. Today it was the rubber snake which he wriggles from a string attached to his fishing rod, but Tina, here from Ireland, needs a little more than a rubber snake to make her jump with fright. Above right - Chop Sticks? Yes, this is a restaurant on Ithaki, Symposium Restaurant in Frikes as a matter of fact, where you can now get a Thai food menu as well as the usual Greek kitchen menu. A change is as good as a holiday ... almost.
Tuesday 30th - A little windy yesterday, but not too bad overall. The clouds passing overhead had little impact on the temperature or the mostly blue skies. Left - The historic bay of Forkis, for the mythologically challenged, this is the bay Odysseas (Ulysses) sailed into after his many years away from ithaki. Above - Dexa Beach, a beach lined with olive trees, just the thing to shade you from the hot midday sun. Below - Around the waterside of Vathy, Ithaki beautiful capital in the south of the island. Mana Korina is one of the Daily Cruise boats you can take if you want to get to Afales Bay, Gidaki Beach or Fiscardo in Cephalonia. The views were crystal clear and the colours so bright you did have to wear shades.
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