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Thursday 30th - One more day of 2010 to go and we're enjoying fantastic weather. Great for walking. Great for enjoying long lunches outside. Deep winter is ahead so we better enjoy these days while we can.
While so much of Europe and the US is under meters of snow, we are lucky here to have a temperate climate that doesn't get too extreme in summer or in winter, but we do have thoughtless terrorist acts like the bomb explosion in Athens this morning, only 100 meters from where my daughter lives. The blast shook her out of bed wondering what had hit her building.
When you joke about flat tyres over lunch who would have thought you'd have one before dinner, and when you make a joke about 'gay men not knowing how to change a flat tyre' then be prepared for the kosmos to teach you a lesson (in changing a flat tyre at least) Do not pass the closet, go directly to jack. By the way, how many men does it take to change a flat tyre?
Above - Kassiani closes the doors on Fatouros Taverna for the winter and heads to Yiannis Taverna for dinner. Right - Yianni.
On a cold winters night, Margarita Cafe in Stavros gathers up the locals for a cozy eve infront of the wide screen tv or around the bar. Below - Maki from Margarita.
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