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Above - Laertes Farm Fruit and Veg market in Stavros. Right - Lots of cars everywhere during this time of year. Where to park.
Monday 22nd - It's been a very hot week this past week. It's no wonder there are so many people at the beaches during the day until evening and at the baysides at night. Anything for a coolish breeze. Don't forget to check the calendar regularly. The Ithaki community have a full calendar of events happening over this month. I can't get to all of them unfortunately, but there's no reason why you can't if you are on the island. Money raised from all the events goes back into the community. Odysseas football team had its annual ball at Platrithia a couple of nights ago, also the Vathy summer ball was a big event on the August calendar. There's still plenty of things to do this month, so join in.
Stavros Fund Raiser - Afternoon Tea at the Community Hall 21st August 2011. If you want to see more pics, Click Here or on photograph Right.
Above - Fresh fish is the meal of the day at this time of year. Most restaurants offer a good selection of local and freshly caught fish, hooked by our local fisherman.

At this stage it may be an idea to revise just how you can see events and updates, not only for this year, but for all the years that has been online. The site has become so big now that I'd hate for anyone to get confused. All the below links are accessible through hOME ithaca greece Menu

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By the way, if you feel like an ice-cream without the calories, put a banana in the freezer. It's the next best thing.
August Saturday 20th - 'White-out'. it's been very hot folks. The horizon is lost behind a heat mist and it feels like we are floating through the Ionian looking for a place to dock. The heat has taken the colour out of our day a little, but it is perfect beach weather. Where else would you want to be? Traditionally it's thought that after the Platrithia Panighiri on the 15th August, things start to die down again, tourism wise, but it's not been so. It feels like peak season now and more and more people have come off the ferries since then. Restaurants are full with diners, the bays are full with yachts. You can see the exhaustion on the faces of many of the business owners now. This month has taken the wind out of their sails a little. Everyone is waiting for September, but I have a feeling that not too much will change when the month does. Despite the crisis, August at least, has not been a disappointment. Left & Below - Kioni Bay.
Popular holiday gifts this year seem to be goat bells the size of cow bells. Over the past couple of years, the Council has also put out some booklets on Ithaca. You can pick them up for free at the Council office in Vathy, but also some of the Gift shops stock them too.
Sunday 21st - Another hot day ahead. The moon tells us that the fine weather will continue through September. Tonight at the Community Hall in Stavros, the women are putting on an Evening Tea. Home made cakes and sweets.
Raising funds to fix the church in Stavros ithaca greece. Sortiros church in the village square
Tuesday 23rd - It's a 'water babie's' paradise on Ithaki. When it's 37C, the best place to splash is the nearest.
There's no doubt about it that if you have a young family, Ithaca is just the most ideal place to holiday. I've never met a kid that hasn't had the best time on the island during Summer holidays.
Ithaca's beaches are like big swimming pools, but not everyone is a beachgoer, some people feel more comfortable in a pool. For those of you who either love a pool or have the need for one due to physical reasons, it may be worth mentioning that in the north of the island in Frikes, the Nostos Hotel swimming pool is open to the public for a minimal fee.
Wednesday 24th - Still very hot. Still very much beach weather. It doesn't really matter which beach you end up dipping your toes into, the chances are, it will be the same blue and the same pristine clear Ionian as you see all around. Some beaches are a little more crowded, others still private, some have a cantina and some are only discovered by boat. One thing is for sure, if summer time doesn't include swimming at one of Ithakis beautiful beaches, you're probably here in winter. Everyone loves to connect with water in some form or another during this time of year.
On a warm night it's not unexpected that many locals and visitors would be looking out their windows or looking at the stars from their terraces and balconies, but what is unexpected is that some people in the village of Exoghi thought they saw a fire near or around Anoghi late last night. It turns out that the optical illusion created by night and distance, made the big fire in Messologhi appear to be right on our piece of rock, even though it was Kilometers away on the Mainland.
You would think things would be dying down by now, but many businesses on Ithaca are reporting it's been busier this season than last. Ithaca must be doing something right.
If you have a Council Calendar of Events, you may not know that the Odysseas football club dance is on this Friday, the 26th, not as advertised in the Council pamphlett. Check the Calendar for more.
Vathy is a magical town at night. The lights on the bay, the acitivity of people in movement - eating, drinking, walking, enjoying themselves and the boats on the water.
Above - There's a new statue in Vathy town and it hasn't taken long for someone to climb on its shoulders.

Above - Ithaca Embroidery in Vathy is a popular place to buy those special home items that are traditional to the island. Left - The Gallery Ouzerie has become a popular hangout since it opened a couple of years ago.

Left and Above Left - Zois Taverna and Grill on the bayside near the Port Authority Office was absolutely brimming last night. Just can't go past the Grill when in Greece.

Below, Below Left and Left - Porto Restaurant is not only a Summer business, but is open all year around, even during the winter. Locals and visitors to Ithaca enjoy the atmosphere and food here.

Above and Left - Sirens Restaurant is well known for its fresh fish and traditional atmosphere, both inside and out. Not everything needs to be on the bayside. This restaurant draws in customers because of the quality of food, not the view.
Left & Below - O Nikos Taverna in the back streets of Vathy is another popular restaurant that was brimming with diners last night.
Left - If this isn't a Power Trio, I don't know what is. These guys know more about electricity than you can read about in a book.
Above & Left - Milos Creperie. On the other side of the bay, you can disco the night away or merely sit a cafe to enjoy the wide bay views across Vathy.
Left - Karamela Cafe Bar is right opposite the ferry stop in Vathy. Since Spiro opened the bar, people waiting for the ferry no longer have to hang around in the street. Now there's a cosey place with some great snacks to while away your time in. Occasionally Karamela Cafe Bar puts on 'Live Music' so keep your ears and eyes open. The courtyard is a really wonderful place to enjoy it.
Left - The harbourside of Vathy was jam packed with cruisers last night. If we put on a sale, we could make back the deficit and probably help out Spain too. Small boats, Big boats, all make up the magic of Vathy at night. It really is a Summer wonderland with all the lights reflecting off the water. Each time I see it, I fall in love with Ithaca all over again.
Above - Lahos welcomes young Costa with his girlfriend Louisa, here from Melbourne Australia, to Ithaca yesterday. Costa is a well known summer face in the north of the island, but for Louisa, it's her first time, so there's much to see and so many people to meet. Louisa's roots stem from our close neighbour, Italy. Below Left - - Flowers at dusk.
Now, I don't know how true this is, because I didn't personally wittness this, but it's been said that when it came to the unveiling of the Odysseas statue in Vathy Square, that in the abscence of the Mayor, that a local had recognized Steven Spielberg on a yacht and asked him to take part in the unveiling. Mr. Spielberg agreed and thus, the Odysseas Statue in Vathy was unveiled.
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