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marathon from aetos bay to vathy ithaca greece. run for odysseas.  
Above - At Kourvoulia 2 beach just outside Frikes village. It's high summer, but surprisingly the beaches aren't as populated as other years.
Above - Homers School in Filitou. You can get there by taking the Exoghi turn off from Stavros and then following the signs. Below - View to Frikes Bay from Exoghi. Right - Mavrona Bay.
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Wednesday 3rd - If you logged on this morning to see the Ag. Sarantas frescos and Jenny's birthday and were missing some photos, check again now. I was up so late working on todays entries, I got confused and missed loading some pics online. All there now however. Enjoy.
Thursday 4th - News around the beaches is that all the formal beaches of Ithaki have got a Bay Watch Life Guard tower with a real live Life guard patrolling the beaches. The life guards have been on guard for about a month, but at Polis Beach yesterday, the tower went up. Most of the duties for the life guard will be shooing away the yachts that get too close to the shoreline, so that can't be bad, but with no surf or rip tides, saving lives will hopefully not be an issue. Any minute Pamela Anderson will be running across Polis pebbles with her latex bathing suit and her silicon inserts and Hasslehoff will be singing his German top 10. I'll have to get to Polis to take a few pics, but in the meantime, enjoy some people watching with me as we look at some of the interesting people out and about during August on Ithaca Greece.
Right - In grill rooms around the island, fans are working over time to keep the grill men cool and on top of things. Summer time over the charcoal grill is not a duty to be taken lightly.
Right - Tasia and Lazaros from St. Elias Villa in Stavros get in a little nightlife during this busy season. Above - Ships ahoy. The captain is shorebound!
Above - Dina and Christo are visiting their sister Poppy from Patras. Poppy is Mrs. Rementzo who many have met when eating in Frikes. Right - Connie is here from Melbourne direct from the MS desk, with her husband Arthur.
Right - Arthur is here from Melbourne Australia and enjoying the Ithaki life with a passion. Below & Above - From the beach to the restaurant.
Right & Right Below - Lucky and Maria at Yefuri restaurant eat up big and get a little tipsy after another long day at Polis beach, keeping people comfortably lounging in the shade under one of their umbrellas. Above & Below - The comfortably stylish decor of Yefuri Restaurant in Platrithia.
August - Monday 1st - Yesterday the annual Marathon - In The Footsteps of Odysseas was on again, starting from Aetos and ending in Vathy. Click Here or on photograph Left for more pics.
Here we are on the first day of August. Kalo Mina to everyone. Can't believe it's this time already. This year is just buzzing by. The Stavros Panighiri is only days away. This Festival usually marks the height of the Summer. It runs across the 5th and 6th of August to celebrate Sortiros. With the Kioni Panighiri absolutely populated with enthusiastic participants, there's great hope that the Stavros Panighiri, usually well-populated anyway, will be even bigger this year. By the amount of people now walking around and hanging out at the beaches, hopes are high that the crisis won't effect this annual event.
Vathy on Monday mornings usually means paying bills, getting paperwork seen to, shopping and various other chores. Today, as many days in the past, I would like to dedicate the empty space below to the number of things ticked off my list. Nothing done. I'll give it a little colour to make myself feel better.
Left - Niko from Mylos Creperie sets up the Bar just before sundown for his usual evening business on the far side of Vathy Bay. I hear his crepes are delicious. Chocolate and banana? Hmm.
Wednesday 3rd - Another gorgeous day yesterday, lots of sunshine until the afternoon when heavy clouds started to roll quickly over the island, cooling everything down. Left - Pilakata hill.
There is so much going on this month, it's going to be hard to keep up, but I will do my best. In a few days it's Stavros Panighiri time, Sortiros which goes for 2 nights. It's one of the most popular, if not THE most popular summer festivals, so head along to eat, drink and be very merry.
Left - Yesterday afternoon, the community of Ag. Sarantas in the north of Ithaca showcased its new Frescos in their local church. The painter of the Frescos was Bruno Mazzali who lives in the village. A lithurgy and food feast was given in celebration. Click Here for many more photographs or on Photo Left.
Below - Jenny Cominos celebrated her birthday yesterday at Petra Restaurant in Stavros with her husband Arthur, her children and friends. Click Here or on Photo Below for more photographs.
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Friday 5th - Tonight and tomorrow night is Stavros Panighiri time. This festival marks Ithakis High Season, but don't forget to check the Events Calendar as there are plenty more things happening during this month. Every night there is either music or a theatre production, speeches, biological produce fairs and more. Left - Vathy.
Above and Left - Aetos Beach in the south of the island seems to be a popular beach despite its proximity to the road. A few olive trees right on the beach give some shade from the summer sun.
August 2011 Ithaca Greece
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