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June - Wednesday 1st - The official beginning to Summer today. The wind was a little on the cool side, but the sun was out and as if by magic, people were everywhere again. ADSL is making a big difference to the businesses on the island. There are Wifi hotspots in Frikes and Kioni now. No more waiting around for a conventional line that always halted just before a page completely loaded down. Below - Frikes Bay.
Above - The 3rd Krouvoulia is still pretty quiet. You can only hear the water licking up against the pebbles, but soon there will be bodies strewn across the beach soaking up the rays.
Right & Below - Adrian Lunney from Devon UK|Ag. Sarantas, entertained at Yefuri restaurant last night with some great jazz guitar. It was an excellent night had by all. Also a Happy Birthday to Katrina from Lefki, who was also there last night celebrating with friends.
Right - Lucky is back on Polis Beach. Umbrellas and sunbeds at the ready. With 30 C forecast for the next couple of days, it may well be swimming weather.
Above and Below - Around Kioni. Odysseia, the clothing and accessories boutique in Kioni has opened its doors again for the season. Diamanto has her smile on as usual and a new line to display.
Thursday 2nd - Another great weather day. Guess (and hope) they will continue through now til the end of Summer.
For those of you interested in every Homeric, there will be a discussion on Homer and Odysseas, how best to capitalize on this, Ithakis' claim to fame, at the Stavros Community Center on Sunday 5th June. Just have a look at the various notice boards around the north of ithe island for time details. The discussion will be held by Bruno Mazzali, an Italian resident living on Ithaca. There's bound to be translation for the Greeks.
Above - Homers View villas in Kolieri are open for business again for the Season. 2 traditional villas with pool in one of the most traditional villages in the north of Ithaca. Close to Homers School.
Saturday 4th - A warm day yesterday, although later a little thunder did rumble across the island quickly. In Vathy it rained and in the north, nothing.
Above - Dimitri from Laertes Farm in Stavros doing better and better. Cherries have started and strawberries have finished. Left - Dexa Bay. The beach is still quiet at this time of year.
Sunday 5th - I think yesterday was the warmest day so far. Beach and ice-cream weather. Left - Makis from the Zac gives a big wave to all his friends. Below Left - Sakis, our local baker, takes the last loafs of bread on the rounds of delivery via his moped. Below - Yiannis from Yiannis Taverna in Stavros is now better known for his pizzas than for being a taxi driver. He retired a few years ago and now gets to spend more time sleeping in and enjoying himself.
This morning we had a courtesy call from Ote (Our telephony provider) informing us that we could now have ADSL if we wished. A rather embarrassed employee apologized once he was told we have had ADSL since the lines opened, and quickly set about updating his database.
This afternoon we had a call from a gentleman with an Indian accent informing us that Microsoft itself had made a complaint that we were uploading viruses onto the internet and infecting others. Once he was informed that the person he was speaking to was a computer technician, he apologized and wished us a good day. The next call he makes, someone may react in a panic stricken manner and buy the virus software he would have offered us , if we weren't just a little more cluey than he was. Technology is taking us on the 'virtual' 'highway to hell' now that 'spam' is no longer processed meat.
Monday 6th - A hot end to the week. The temps will continue to be high for the next few days, but it's not that hot yet that you can go to Frikes at night without a jacket on. Left - Spavento Bar in Kioni.
Above - Penelope Restaurant in Frikes is being run by a different crew this year. Stathi (The music man) can be found in Vathy this year, running his other establishment on the bayside there.
Above - Ithaca restaurant in Stavros is quickly becoming the new place to eat in the area. If you haven't tried it yet, then there's no time like the present.
Stavros was buzzing with people last night with the presentation by Bruno Mazzali on his tact to induce tourism to Ithaki via the myth of Odysseas and Homers School in particular. Tele-marketing is his angle and this is what he proposed to the Ithaki community. The turnout for the presentation was quite large. Interest in what Mr. Mazzali had to offer had been building up all week. His 3D presentation had many impressed and some disappointed, but whatever the opinion, the presentation has evoked some passionate discussion on the subject of Homers School.
Left - Andronikos from the Stavros Pharmacy was Bruno Mazzalis interpreter. Mazzali gave his presentation in Italian to an audience of Greeks and other nationalities gathered in the Stavros Community Hall.
On Thursday evening at Limnes in Platrithia, the northern Ithaki Primary school is putting on a play about Odysseas. It should be a good night so get along. If you don't know where Limnes is, it's the location of the Platrithia Panighiri, just down from Yefuri Restaurant.
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