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Above - as you walk up to Ag. Gerasimos church and past, the village of Kioni begins to appear in the distance from behind olive and cypress trees.
Around Kioni and it's hills
Word on the street is that Ithacan sea-side village businesses will be given a year to find an alternative to the (illegal) tents that have had unspoken approval for so many, many years. If it's true, it's a good start to the Season for the businesses who would otherwise expect large fines. It's also good for the visitors who will no doubt have a need for a shady play to sit during the summer.
The weather could be a little 'iffie' for Easter so best we get out and enjoy the sunshine while it's here. The big Easter week, despite the ferry strike, is looking busy. So many more people out and about, although I must admit, there are more cars than people in the streets most days. When you see every parking spot filled, it's not a far reach to expect to see more people, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. I have no idea where the people who drive the cars go. It's a mystery.
April - Tuesday 10th cont. - The skies cleared yesterday after a few days of stormy weather. The views were amazing. Left & Below - Afales Bay. After storms, it's not unusual for the waters to become translucent. It's an amazing sight.
Above Left - Afales, Kolieri and Exoghi are just some of the villages with Afales Bay views. Left - Uneco-art?
Above, Below & Left - With the sun out, Frikes was a lively place through the midday with people working, people eating, people fishing.
Above - It's not often I give my camera over to someone to take a pic of me...
Above & Left - Many who visit Ithaca fall in love with Kioni because the bayside is so picturesque, but the village has more than that to offer. The hills around Kioni and Raxi are some of the most lush on the island. The surroundings are worth discovering, especially at this time of the year when the light is just right to highlight what's so special about the area of Ag. Gerasimos.
Thursday 12th - Weather wise it was a little dreary today, but nonetheless, the day was interesting. It started with a walk to Homers School with some friends, then a drink and snack at Margarita Cafe before scouting for faces to take some pics of.
Above - A rather ugly land-fill spoils the way to Homers School. Left & Below - Homers School.
Above - Stavros Museum. Left - Afales Bay darkened by a cloudy sky.


13th April 2012

Good Friday

Kioni has the ritual burning of Judas and the parading of the Epitaphio through the village for Good Friday Easter celebrations. The sky threatened rain, but it held off for the night.

For more photographs of Good Friday in Kioni .. CLICK HERE or on photograph Left.

More Easter pics coming through or after the weekend. It's a big one ahead. The ferry strike may have hindered visitors and ex-pats from coming to Ithaki for Easter, but it didn't stop them. Last night, the turnout in Kioni was massive. All the northern restaurants were full and I expect, so were the southern ones. I think it's going to be a huge Easter despite everything that isn't conducive to having fun.
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