September 2013 - Friday 27th - Everyone's so relaxed on the island at the moment. It's amazing what a late September day can do the a usually stressed personality. The weather is still very fine and warm, the waters, calm and the night's are very comfortably for sleeping. The hot sweat of August is over and now just pleasant days of the late summer to enjoy.

Left & Below - Exoghi views across northern Ithaca.

Left - Frikes Bay.

Monday 30th - The end of another month, and by the great weather and visitors still on the island, you wouldn't believe it's the end of the season at all.

After the official setting aside of Ithaca Mayor, Yiannis Kassianos, Niki Kassianou, the ex-Mayor's sister, was voted in yesterday morning to take his place as Mayor, until the next elections.

There's been a whole lot of controversy around this subject over the past months, too complicated and messy to share here, although if you're interested I'm sure you'll find all you want to know around the traps online.

Left - Marathia further south of Vathy, has seen alot of development over the past few years, with some quality accommodations, it's also the area in which some big developers want to make a resort for the rich and famous.

Above - Track leading to Arethousa Fountain.

The bus tours are still coming through. It gives the island an injection of life even this late in the season.

It appears to the rain forecast for today and tomorrow, the Marida (Sardine) Festival has/will be postponed. I haven't got a definitive answer, so the best bet is to just keep enquiring with Stavros businesses to keep updated.
























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