Another 'from ithaca to' trip February 15 - 23 2006

Athens Here we go

Day and Night


Flea Market

Ancient Library

Changing of the Guard

Hard Candy Gig

Finding a way home

Thursday morning started off a little cloudy, but by noon the clouds began to disperse to reveal blue skies and great views, so where better for the enjoyment of these great views than the rock of Lekavittos, from where Athens is laid out in 360.. Oil those joints, we're heading up by foot. From Syntagma to Kolonaki, it's not far, it's also not that far to the top of the Lekavittos rock, but it is very steep. Half way up, it's a little tempting to take the lift that transports you to the apex, but even if you've had enough walking by this stage, your ankles are aching and knees are shaking, the cost of around 6 euro for the lift or 15 euro for the taxi (which still leaves you with 150 steps to climb) makes the temptation a little less alluring.

As you make your way higher up over Kolonaki, Athens takes on an allure of spectacular proportions.  Whilst in the hub, you swear and curse at the traffic, the pollution that roots deep in the pores of your skin, the noise, the beggars at your every turn, the diesel that lodges itself around every nose hair, the chaos. Personally, I love the chaos, but for many, this chaos is as close to hell as they have travelled, so it is to their surprise, just how beautiful Athens appears from the vantage point of Lekavittos. The green gardens ascend the steep slopes of the rock, hiding a wonder of nature behind them. Not too far from the rock, the Acropolis stands under the glow of a setting sun, with the sea shimmering in the distance behind it.

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The beautiful and the ugly of Athens melt together in a white wash grid that spans far to the horizon. Apartment blocks reveal high-rise swimming pools and gardens that get light directly from an unobscured sky. Car horns echo up the rock while the thick traffic of Athens streets, hums a solid tune behind the cries and voices of this surprising city. At the apex of Lekavittos, the Café/Restaurant stings a good tourist dollar, but by this stage, you pay whatever it takes to get a cool drink and a place to rest a very weary body. Late afternoon, the colour of the city changes under the golden rays of a setting sun.  Your stomach full, your thirst, quenched, your feet rested, and it's back down the rock to the realty of this ancient city, some lovingly call the quarry.


Athens Here we go   Day and Night   Lekavittos   Flea Market   Ancient Library   Changing of the Guard   Hard Candy Gig   Finding a way home


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