Another 'from ithaca to' trip February 15 - 23 2006

Athens Here we go

Day and Night


Flea Market

Ancient Library

Changing of the Guard

Hard Candy Gig

Finding a way home

Few people realize the amount of work that goes into an hour show. Weeks of rehearsal, hours at the sound check, checking nothing but the minutes as they tick by and the knowledge that everyone in the room can successfully count to three. Afternoon turns to night the minute we cross the threshold of the Underworld Club in the center of Athens, and from that moment on, Ithaca seems like a distant memory, far removed from the underground music scene and alternative audience that will soon rush the iron doors of the club, only hindered by a bulky door guy checking on tickets. Sound engineers, barmen, cleaners, musicians and organizers rattle around in the dingy (lovely) space, making sure it will all work out.

Close window to exit



Athens Here we go   Day and Night   Lekavittos   Flea Market   Ancient Library   Changing of the Guard   Hard Candy Gig   Finding a way home


Close window to exit

The Soundcheck

The Gig

Most photos of Hard Candy sound check and gig by Rien Post, the rest by










Hard Candy Greece - Erika Bach--Voc/Guit, Demetri Vlass - Guitar, Jessica Bell - Guitar/Voc, Stavros Delas - Bass, Dimos Kostopoulos - Drums, Rien Post - Mascott

Sound gear broke last week, now we have feedback.  'Sorry, I'll fix it.'

Spilios from Alterground Promotions had discovered that Hard Candy were in the country and drew us out of our hideaway for a supposed one-off gig with New York Garage Punk band, Oneida, who flew into Athens the afternoon of the show. After the show their was talk of other gigs in Athens, Patra and Thessalonika. We'll see. takes the show on the road.  Smile.  My turn to take pics

As usual, a hunger too strong to ignore hits after the gig, so the band goes on the prowl for food. Demetri Vlass goes looking for the car with fellow Ithacan, living in Athens, Kaliopi, while the rest of the band waits on the street corner with more guitars than ZZ top. Demetri, in all the excitement, lost track of which parking facility he had left the car with. By the time he finds it, and we all meet up again, the clock strikes 2am.  When food is finally located, a waiter from hell, takes orders he can't fill and serves out whatever food he thought fit. Aah, life the way I remember it.

Yes, we had lots of fun. There was also lots of media taking pics and notes.  A review of the gig will no doubt turn up somewhere. Thanks to Stavros, Dimos and Jessica for making rehearsals and the gig a pleasure, and to Rien Post for all the support and pics. Next stop lola demo.