Another 'from ithaca to' trip February 15 - 23 2006

Athens Here we go

Day and Night


Flea Market

Ancient Library

Changing of the Guard

Hard Candy Gig

Finding a way home

The Athens Flea Market in the Monastiraki area of the Plaka, is always a colourful place to walk around.  No fleas, but many bargains to make you itch. The trash and treasure of a nation is exhibited here for sale. Furniture, old and new, wooden, plastic, silver and gold, old weapons and baby toys, vinyl records, remember them? and record players to play them on. For something valuable, you'll find it here, for something completely useless, you'll also find it here. More interesting than the trash and treasure for sale, are the faces and characters of the traders that set up their stalls here. You'll find it very entertaining.

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Athens Here we go   Day and Night   Lekavittos   Flea Market   Ancient Library   Changing of the Guard   Hard Candy Gig   Finding a way home


Close window to exit

The faces of the Flea Market

Selling entertainment

Nothing falls off the back of the truck

The Spiel

Now you see it.  Now you don't.