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Nikos and Theofilos Karantzis

get Baptized

October 15th 2005

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If there was a prize for the best smile in the world and the cutest expressions of interest, then Theofilos would get the gold trophy. Even the stoniest of hearts can melt when Theofilos casts his charming spell.

It's agreed that Theofilos takes after his father, Yiorgos', side of the family when it comes to looks.

Not even a good dunking makes him cry.

"Only 15 years to go before I get my own motor bike."

Theofilos didn't shed a single tear during his Baptism. This rare occurrence was enthusiastically applauded by the entire congregation.  He took it all in his easy stride, extracting joy and fun from whatever came his way, a trait his mother Jenny is endowed with. This beautiful dark-eyed boy, with the cutest smile and a mischievous and playful disposition, enchanted everyone and there is no doubt that he will continue to do so through his life.