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The Babies Theofilos and Nikos

The Godfathers

Alexandros Taflambas and Aggelos Mavrokefalos

The Parents Jenny vlassopoulou and Yiorgos Karantzis

The Priest Papas Babbis

Having an outdoor Baptism Celebration in October on Ithaca, can be a stressful wait while the weather forecast determines sunshine or rain, but any worry for this day was unfounded.  Saturday the 15th October was a sun-filled day just waiting for something to celebrate. Nikos and Theofilos are not only gifts to their parents, Jenny and Yiorgo, but also gifts to the community of Ithaki. These bright-eyed twin boys have already secured themselves in the hearts of those they have touched and will continue to touch the Ithacan community as they grow to be adults and participants within their island community. The Orthodox Greek tradition of Baptizing children with the names of a grandparent continues in the Vlassopoulou and Karantzi families.  Niko was named after his Grandfather Nikos Vlassopoulos, Jennys' father, and Theofilos was named after his grandfather, Theofilos Karantzis, Yiorgos Father, who was blessed with knowing his grandchildren before he passed away earlier in 2005. The Godfathers, Alexandros and Aggelos, loved and long standing friends of the family, gathered all the paraphernalia of an Orthodox Greek Baptism during the weeks prior, to endow the children with their first garments as Orthodox Greeks.

The Cast...

Nikos and Theofilos Karantzis

get Baptized

October 15th 2005

The Congregation

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