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Nikos and Theofilos Karantzis

get Baptized

October 15th 2005

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Jenny and Yiorgo, together with their families, Nikos and Zaharate Vlassopoulou and Spirithoula Karantzi, are well established locals with the respect and friendship of their community, so it was no surprise that so many turned out to witness the Batism of their twin boys at Mavronas' Ag. Nikola church beneath Raxi.

Yiannis Politis from Drosia Restaurant in the hills of Vathy, and Niko Kostopoulos, Ithaki Chef, catered for the Baptism to the delight of the invited guests.  A good old Ithacan feast with much local wine and beer, finished the occasion at Ag. Nikolas church.   

Thanks to the Vlassopoulou and Karantzi families for inviting us to share their day with the online community of  hOME ithaca greece.