Summer Lodown


Summer Lodown



Panighiria, Nightlife and Events around Ithe island

Ithaca Greece

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June 25th - It's only early in the season, but already there seems to be little concern from some of the yachts coming to the island to dispose of their rubbish appropriately. Dumping rubbish in the bay is not on!! There are bins all along the bay in Vathy and yet water bottles and chocolate wrappers still end up in the sea. I will also make mention that lighting fires for barbeques during summer is strictly prohitited. In Frikes the fire brigade gave a strong warning to a flotilla who lit a fire on the pier for their customers. This is a small island, even a small fire can burn the place down.
June 21st - At Rementzo in Frikes the footie fanatics gather around the island god, known here as TV. England 3, me bored.  
Please everyone, look after our island. The days of throwing rubbish out of the car window or off the deck and of tossing cigarette butts into the street are over in most of the world, including Ithaki.
On Saturday in Vathy, the Kefalonia ferry got a little face lift. It was slightly turned on it's side while a few men painted the body. No big flash methods, just a few domestic rollers and brushes did the job. This photo is courtesy of Rien from Lefki, who had at first thought the ferry had crashed into the dock.Well, it's not every day you see a big ferry like the Kefalonia turned sideways in a small port town on a Greek island in the Ionian. (and there was football on the tele that day)

Don't forget the Frikes Panighiri is on Wednesday 30th.

It was the 30th June, then the 3rd July, now back to the 30th of June again. Keep your eyes on June and July events incase of another change.

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Wednesday 30th June - Frikes Panighiri

It was a strange and quiet Panighiri this year AT FIRST. Being in the middle of the week, the Mainlanders had to miss out, but that didn't mean Frikes and the tourists weren't going to make the most of it. . It's not every day you get to dance in the streets and eat pig on the spit while you take over a village. The. dancing started around midnight and then it was on for young and old. A new band (of which I didn't get the name. See Ithaki General for why), played the tunes everyone knew and loved, and the drinks kept coming until the early hours of the morning. There were alot of happy faces as well as a few faces in the bucket by the time it hit 3am, but by that time the crowd had thinned to a few dozen faithfuls and restaurant and bar staff cleaning up all evidence of the Panighiri. Not too many wittnesses if you let your hair down just a little too much.

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Greece gets into Euro Final

Football Frenzy


July Frikday 2nd

Well, Greece couldn't have had a better present on the 1st day of July than to be in the Euro Final with Portugal. For the first time in history Greece has reached the top 2 position. The celebrations were loud and long all over Greece and Ithaki joined in of course. Parades of motorbikes and cars with horns beeping and Greek Flags waving, Cafes filled to the rafters with excited fans watching every second of broadcast on their Tv screens, Crackers and fireworks, cheering and singing. Bets were collected on and the wine and beer helped wet a dry throat after the nail biting game which saw Greece'; Trayianos Delas score that goal in the final seconds of the game.



July 4th 2004


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" From now on anything can happen, hell can freeze over and your mother in-law can turn into a man"

Delirious quote by Nektarios Vasilopoulos

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Tuesday 6th July 2004

In The Land Of The Birds

A Performance by the National Theatre Company of Greece at the Garden Theatre in Vathy.


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July 12 - Frikes Bay was a lively place at dusk. The harbour was full of yachts moored right up to the restaurants. Some Flotillas entertained the crowds with water races and games. It was the Dutch having a good time
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