Summer Lodown


Summer Lodown



Panighiria, Nightlife and Events around Ithe island

Ithaca Greece
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Yeap it's already August...KALO MHNA

August 1st - Left - Andreas Anagnostatos, well known archivist on the island has just released a new book 'Analecta: Collected from the history and Folklore of Ithaca' Taken from 1800 - 2000 . This book is so comprehensive you won't want to put it down. Also available is the Greek/English version . To order email the Ithacan Council at or drop into the offices in Vathy. The book was launched in the afternoon at the old Frikes Primary School. There was a great turn out to support Andreas' venture in conjunction with the Dimos as he read from the book and gave autographs to the public.


Friday July 30th - Russian Cossack State Dance Company Perform at the Garden Theatre Vathy

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Thursday 5th August - Olympic Flame comes to Ithaki.

Vathy was filled to the brim with people today for the Olympic Flame Ceremony held in Vathy at midday. School children performed well rehearsed dance pieces and the Ithaca Brass Band played celebratory songs for the crowd before the Flame arrived on the island by helicopter. This event has seen the biggest crowd ever congregate in the streets of Ithacas' Capital, Vathy. It was a proud and sentimental occasion for all Ithacans.

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Panighiri Time Again

Thursday 5th - Stavros Panighiri

The Panighiri that had Kefi. Not a bored person in all of the village. A great night, supported by a great band, enjoyed by a great crowd. Friday it happens all over again. Can Stavros maintain the vibe?
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Friday 6th - Stavros Panighiri - Take 2

Night two of the Panighiri started off slow, but heated up around 2am. The band really went for it again and the boys looked like they were finally enjoying themselves. There's a lot of pressure on a Panighiri band to fulfill all the hopes of Panighiri time and it always takes a bit of time for the Ithacans to warm to a new one. I think the boys can relax now. They're in.

No pics of this night. I wanted to see the Panighiri in 3D for a change.

Don't forget Pix Lax on Wed 11th - Garden Theatre Vathy.
Pix Lax live in vathy, ithaca, greece  

Pix Lax

Wednesday 11th August
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Pix Lax brought Ithacans from the northern and southern island out in droves. The warm August night fueled everyones' excitement at seeing their rock idols live at the Garden Theatre in Vathy. The band performed songs the audience knew and loved and by the end of the night there was dancing in every corner of the Garden Theatre, including backstage where the view was almost as good as from the front . A great night for all.

August 13th - This space should have had pics from the Beach Party. The reason it hasn't is due to the fact it was cancelled at the last minute. Let me just ask. What's better than happiness? Could it be Ecstasy? We all know money can't buy you love, well here on Ithaki it can't buy you Ecstasy either, not with Ithakis mood police on the look out. Yep, the cute dj holding the Beach Party was busted trying to keep up with the Londoners. Thing is, that when his batch was tested it wasn't E, so he didn't get arrested. The scam to sell 'no drugs' at the Beach Party was however uncovered and that was the end of that. Money can buy you Aspirin. Thank God for that! The poor boy must have a splitting headache now. Whatever happened to good wholesome fun like strip poker.
Ithaki was rather quiet around the traps with everyone gathered around tvs or at home watching the Opening Ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games. It all went without a hitch of course while Athens put on spectacular fire works and mixed the ceremony with the ancient and the hi-tech.
Anoghi Panighiri
Saturday 14th August
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All the people who took the journey up to the mountain village of Anoghi, made the Panighiri a memorable one. There was an overwhelming sense of community and everyone who came, came with the intention of having fun and dancing the night into dawn.

Lots of friendly faces at the Panighiri, apart from one person who never had the camera aimed at him, threatening to smash it in an effort to save the people at Anoghi from me and the internet. I pointed him towards the Mayor and the Police and after some time in which he tried to gather forces against me, my evil camera and internet intentions, I assumed I was not going to be fed to the dogs. When I told him that this was for Ithaki, he told me to go back to where I came from.




Platrithia Panighiri

Sunday 15th August
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Platrithia Panighiri celebrates the Feast of Panaghia, the Virgin Mary. It's a big celebration with covers many name days such as Maria, Panoyioti, Peter etc.and is the last big Festival of the year. A great night had by all.


If you're not on Ithaki, why aren't you packing?

Don't forget tonight 20th, the Thiako Band 'Mnistires' is playing at the Garden Theatre in Vathy. Songs by Vagelis Mihalatos.
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