Summer Lodown


Summer Lodown



Panighiria, Nightlife and Events around Ithe island

Ithaca Greece
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The Chappries play Vathy

Thursday 15th July

The Chappries Play Vathy.

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Friday 16th July

Fimios Presentation of

The Stone Shirt.
A selection of songs presented by Spyros Arsenis
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Saturday 17th July

Aghia Marina

Exoghi Panighiri
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Monday 19th July

The Devils' Sock

Street Theatre comes to Stavros
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Tuesday 20th July

Aghia Lia

Kioni Panighiri
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July 22 - Above - Alexandros Taflambas, Fimios Ithakis Entertainment Director and Booking Agent. The man who brought the much loved Glykeria to Ithaca.



Thursday July 22 nd

Glykeria (left) and her band Perform Live at the Garden Theatre in Vathy. This loved and well-known Greek performer sang tracks from her new release 'Anoixi', together with all the favourites that the audience came to hear and sing a long with. Glykeria is one of the rare performers who relases her energy and love of the music that she has peformed and recorded over the decades, into the audience to become one. No pretence. No big star chill. Her warmth communicates with everyone. If you missed this concert, you missed a very, very special night.

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Thursday Jult 29th

Look what the wind blew in

Mykonos has its' Pelican, so maybe we should adopt this giant seagull as Ithakis mascott. Why not?
A large bird fell out of the sky during its' migration from Africa to who knows where, and landed in the main street of Frikes late afternoon. It looks a bit like a giant sea gull, but it's not. No one knows what sort of a bird it is. Kiki from the mini market fed the bird inbetween it nipping at her thighs and legs. The bird was obviously in distress having lost its' flock, but seemed to have no fear of humans as it went from one end of Frikes to the other looking for its' own kind. . An Update - Rien from Lefki sent an email with a clue to the Frikes Gull - Frikes' mystery gull is very probably a juvenile Baltic Gull (Larus Fuscus) or one of its nephews (Larus Michahellis or Larus Graellsii). They can be found all over Europe, from Israel to Finland, but there are not an awful lot of them around - We hear that Greenpeace from Kefalonia will come and resettle the gull in a Sanctuary.

Wedensday 28th July The Chappies play Kioni - Above - Ooh Aah Who's that girl singing with the Chappries? Is it Madonna? Is it Barbara Streisand? Is it Scater girl? Is it Tom Jones in drag?....No. It's Lola, the retro bitch...or is it.,, ,

Left - Wednesday nights at Bemenis in Frikes is the place to be for midweek mayhem and nubile insanity. Come with willpower or be devoured by mating frenzy.

Big Wednesday at Bemenis - Click on Pic
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