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Wednesday 20th - Yesterday morning, the Vathy Square was full of life again. With all the people returning to Ithaca for Easter, things are definitely hotting up.
Above - This big week before Easter is a time of the church. One Service after another. Right - Yachts are back.
After a couple of days of very cold weather and rain, the skies are blue again and the sun is shining just like it should at this time of year.
Thursday 21st - It's that time of the year again. Between 7pm and 10pm, you think the night is over, but once you hit 10.30pm, people head out to the bars and cafes on the 'Nightlife' side of the bay in Vathy. Both Soulatso Music Bar and Mylos Creperie started off slow, but ended up pumping.
Friday 22nd - Another great day today as was yesterday. Everyone is getting ready for the Big Easter Weekend and of course, the Big Easter Sunday Feast. Meanwhile, the island is in full bloom under the glorious sunshine we've been having.
Above - Julia and Peter. Julia (from Antikeimeno Tzoulia Gift and jewelry shop in Frikes) is here just for the Easter period before coming back to open the shop. Peter from Fiorendino is back from Sydney and ready to work it. Below - Peter and Costa. Cousins unite.
Right - Frikes is usually a little sad and miserable in Winter, but in Spring and Summer it's a lively port village with some great local characters, restaurants and Cafe Bars. Who doesn't like having a refreshment or lunch on the bayside.
Right - One of the most photographed faces in the north of the island.
Right - Lahos, the village which has little tourism in the Summer is really blooming at this time of the year. It's the village in which visitors to ithaca can really experience a traditional holiday. And the best part is that it's only about a 10 minute walk to Frikes Bayside.
Right - Stavros has great views to Polis Bay and to Frikes bay, depending on which side you look.
No ADSL yet. Still waiting on the machinery to be replaced. Let's hope the bank keeps pushing so we can have it before Summer starts.
Saturday 23rd - Happy Easter everyone. Here on Ithaki it's revved up in anticipation with lots of things happening all over the island. Another great day today and it looks like tomorrow we'll have a taste of summer with a top of 25C.
Right - The boys from Fiorendino in Frikes ham it up inbetween the football. Above - Nostos Hotel in Frikes.
Left - Last year this large building was the site of an excavation which unearthed a Roman settlement. Below and Below Left - Vathys old Olive press was tastefully converted into a boutique hotel. Hotel Familia.
The weather forecast over the Easter Weekend seems to be looking quite fine. 23C is some place (ie-Ithaki) In the north of the country there will be some showers after midday, so they better put the Spitroast on early, but here on the island, it's looking very fine for now.
The self-proclaimed Super Band 'Nylon Sex' will be playing another gig next Wednesday 27th of April, this time at the Cultural Center in Vathy. Full Bar, full PA, full of themselves. Due to popular demand, Nikos, Stavros, Dimos, Demetri and Moi (Erika) will be hitting the stage around 10.30pm so bring your dancing shoes, a good mood and a little rockin' attitude. The band and audience had such a great time last time, it would be a shame not to share it with the rest of you. Come along and be loud!!!!
Left - Lukas from Nostos Hotel in Frikes. As far as I am concerned Lukas is one of the unknown champions of the north island. He's been quietly cleaning up roadsides and beaches, sometimes paying out of his own pocket for help. Not all Ithacans have pride in their environment unfortunately, so it's good to know there is someone quietly going about his business without fanfare or a hand out for acknowledgement. Bravo Lukas. Thank you for keeping Ithaki clean.
Easter special coming soon, just waiting to have Easter first. As each year there will be Good Friday, The Resurrection and Easter Sunday pages. I'm on top of it so keep tuned.

Happy Easter 2011

Monday 25th - It was a big Easter this year. Lots of people on the island and lots to do. We followed Easter around all weekend to bring you this Easter special. Click Here or on photograph below for 3 days in the biggest event on the Greek Calendar.

Dendra Estate BBQ ithaca greece. Judi Levy's annual Easter party.
Right - A last reminder that Nylon Sex will be doing a gig at the Cultural Center (next to the Vathy Cinema. Opposite the KKE - communist party office) in Vathy tomorrow night 27th April. Doors open at 10pm. The PA and light show are on order, the bar and venue are being prepared as I write, for a great night. Now all I need to do is get rid of this cold and sore throat after a busy Easter. Below - State of the art road sign.
As expected, today Ithaki villages have emptied out again after a very busy Easter weekend. It will be quiet now until the first Flotillas and tour groups arrive in May. The calm before the storm, or at least that is what is hoped by the local businesses on the island. News from tour groups is that their bookings for the year are strong, giving hope that the crisis may again pass Ithaki by in regard to the tourist trade.
Ithaca Greece holiday
Tuesday 26th - Above - Don't you just love the parking etiquette? After another wonderful day yesterday, today the weather has turned a little sour. There is rain forecast, and by the look of the sky, it may arrive before sunset.
Dendra Estate has become the location of Judi Levy's annual post-Easter BBQ where she invites friends, old and new, to come and enjoy her home environment, good food and interesting company. Click Here or on photo Left for more.
Last night the Stavros Community hall held a dance. By all accounts it was a great success. Live music had the locals and visitors on their feet, dancing all night.
Nylon Sex member are: Nikos Karantzis from Mylos Creperie, Dino Kostopoulos, one of Ithakis Council workers, Stavros Delaportas, local travel agent, Demetri Vlass and Erika Bach from ithacagreece.com
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