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Above - Fiorendino Bar in Frikes rages on into the early hours of the morning 7 days a week with yachters, locals and visitors to the island heading along to let off some steam.
Below - Spavento Bar in Kioni is open long after the restaurants on the bayside have turned off their lights for the night. It's a place for music and some very strong mixed drinks.
Below - A beautiful painting by Ithaca's own Catherine Andrews Rombotis from Platrithia in the north of Ithaca. A view across Afales toward the mountains of Marmaka and the island of Lefkada beyond.
Speculation and bad publicity continue for Greece around the world and I've got to say, it's really time it stopped. Greece is part of the EU and being part of the EU why should it have an independent defense budget that really only serves to prop up France and Germany financially through buying weapons and subs etc from them. If Greece didn't spend billions on defense, it could pay off its debts. Seems simple... Why isn't it?
On Saturday 23rd, there will be a friendly football game between Proodos and Atromitou Zaroyxlikon at the Vathy Football Ground. Play off starts at 18.00 hrs. A veterans football match. Free entry.
June Tuesday 19th - One beautiful day after another. It's been quite hot these past few days, a little hotter than usual for this time of year, but nothing is as hot as the news of Greece as it traveled around the world after the elections. I haven't had the stomach to turn on the news, but I have seen my mailbox and from that it seems the world likes it that the New Democratic Party, despite its past, despite its reputation, is leading the country. All of a sudden it doesn't matter that the reality of Greece hasn't changed, as long as the perception is positive. All I can say is that the government better get it working and right, because they will not get another chance if they stuff it up. Syriza party will get the majority if the country has to go to the polls again. Left & Below - Polis Bay.
Above - Lucky from Poli still has one of the best jobs in the north. It's hard work, but the views are amazing. Left - Anoghi locals sweep and clean their streets, keeping the village looking nice for themselves and for visitors. Below - Happy visitors after a day at the beach.
Left - Kathara lookout. Always a great view down onto Vathy.
Above - What would we do without the Polis Beach Cantina. It's been the center of our lives for so many years during the summer. Great snacks and beverages to keep us going all day.
Left - Vathy at night. Last night's warm and balmy night had everyone out in the streets. Beautiful way to spend the evening.
Left - The Pinakothiki Ouzerie in Vathy has such a wonderful atmosphere, no wonder artists from around Ithaca choose to exhibit their work there. Last night we had a look at Klara Koitlers work.
Left - Frikes. It's amazing how many people return year after year. They become part of the island during their visits.
On the 23rd June at the Vathy Cinema there will be a talk on skin cancer for those interested. It's a relevant subject that all should be informed about with climate change and ozone layer deterioration. Be smart, wear sunscreen and cover up. Tanning has consequences in out time.
I'm rather disappointed that out of 5527 lodged voting locals, only 2001 valid votes were counted. Less than half of the population of Ithaca turned up to the polls. No wonder it seemed so quiet. New Democratic Party took Ithacas vote with only 539 votes all up and SYRIZA got 535 votes. On the say so of 500 or so people... hardly seems real to me.
Ok, so chins up, life goes on... Let's just hope the extortion stops. No one can afford to pay the government protection money anymore.
Wednesday 20th - Hot Hot Hot. Lots more people coming to the island now, especially yachting flotillas. The Odysseas Flotilla hasn't been in the port of Frikes for around 10 years, but last night the crew and sailing holiday guests all got onshore to eat and then be merry at Fiorendino Bar.
The old building in Frikes have so much character and so much history behind them, now they are cracked paint and plaster.
Thursday 21st - Very hot yesterday. It clocked about 37 degrees C in Stavros. Another hot day ahead today also. Luckily there is a little respite in the evenings. Left - Afales Bay. Below - Lahos locals taking advantage of a shady spot.
Left - An ice-cold beer at midday really hits the spot in the heat.
Above & Below - Exoghi, the village with some of the best views in the northern island.
Friday 22nd - We're just zooming through June it seems. Hot weather. Blue, cloudless skies and the seas are warming up. Above Left - Kioni Bay looking wonderful as usual. Left - Spavento Cafe Bar on the bayside. A great place to sit and watch the boats in the harbour.

Above Left - The reflections on a black Frikes Bay. Left - Frikes Bayside Suites are lucky enough to have Dodonis Coffee Bar and Ice Cream right beneath them, not to mention the lovely Frikes bay views.

Not only Ithacans love ithaca, there are many who come to the island and feel like it is their home, even if only for a short time. Gherardo and Manuela from Italy (and Kioni) are two such people. After seeing the rubbish on Gidaki Beach, a favourite beach in the south of Ithaca, they decided to clean it up, as would any proud Ithacan. Whether dumped by yachts, washed in after a windy day or left by summer revellers from last year, rubbish on our beaches is not a good impression to leave. Earlier this month there was a beach clean-up day, but obviously not at Gidaki, a beach a little too difficult to get to by foot.

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