Ithaca Summer Lodown 2008
These pages are for all the fun, activities, parties, festivals, news and visitors coming to Ithaca in Greece for the Summer of 2008. You'll still find Who's Here, Around The Villages and Ithaki General, but this year they'll all be packed into one. Enjoy the Summer, be it on the island or online. It's bound to be huge!
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Mon 28 July - Below - Marika and Agatha are regular Ithacan faces in Kioni, here from South Africa. Right - L - R - Jack, Les and Yvonne Few just can't stay away from Ithaki. They missed last Summer, but it was too much to bare so they're back again for 2008 with Jack a couple of feet taller. We quickly took a pic before their Oasis pizza went cold.
Below - Several Greek Diaspora Groups descended upon Ithaki yesterday afternoon. The Ithaki Council showed 3 busloads of people around the island settling them in Frikes for lunch. The Mayor Mr. Vasilopoulos and Vice Mayor Christina Kostiri made sure everyone was happy.
To see a video of the Exoghi Panighiri held on Thursday 17th July 2008 - Click here
Tue 29 July - On Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd, forkis Childrens Theatre will be putting on a performance of 'The Star Thief' at the Cultural Center in Vathy. Admission 10 euro. Doors open 9pm.

So it seems the expert earthquake predictor, who had scared the pants off many tourists coming to Ithaca and Cephalonia this season, got it wrong! Surprise! surprise! We're all still here as predicted by the 'non-experts', with no 8 on the Richter heaving us and dropping us into the core.

Wed 30 July - Lunch anyone? Seems an Ithacan lunch is not only delicious, but also very calming, so calming in fact that one slips into a little nap immediately after. Below Left - Merope from Symposium in Frikes serving it up. Below Right - Sleeping beauty at Rementzo.

Left - Kosta and Andriana with their two daughters, Alexandra and Julia are back again this year, here from Sydney Australia. Kostas roots are from the north of the island and Andrianas from the south. They are fresh off the boat, so the tans are still to come. Welcome back!
Thur 31 July - Wow! It's the end of July already? Time is just flying by isn't it? Many ithacan families, once or twice removed, come back to ithaki during August. So many familiar and friendly faces everywhere you look. Just like one big happy family. Last night we met a big US connection, enthusiastic to be back on Ithaki ground.
Above - L - R - Costa, Erika, Demetri, Maria, Effie and George bring a little of Pennsylvania and Ohio to Exoghi, Frikes and Stavros.
Above - Rebecca and Niko (from the Stavros Vasilopoulos clan) are getting in a little holiday on Ithaca with relatives and friends before they start a family of their own in a few short months. They're taking it easy and enjoying the natural beauty and atmosphere. Right - Stavros back streets. There's more to Stavros than the village Square and the main strip, many small roads wind up around and behind the hills of Stavros where many traditional corners can still be discovered.
Sun 3 Aug - Right - Lobster on the Grill. Now if that doesn't make you want to go out to dinner, then only a MacDonalds will.
Above Left - One of the picturesque harbor side of Vathy, Ithakis Capital. Above Right - view to Dexa beach. A wonderful beach lined with shady olive trees. Left - Aetos Bay from the road to Chani.
Far Left - Dimitri is here from San Francisco. He's been coming a couple of years with good friend Costa, but this year, even though Costa didn't make it, Dimitri couldn't stay away and came alone. In San Francisco, his family is in the catering business, Wedding, parties, anything. Hmmm, that sounds like an Aussie band. Left - Phillip Kouvaras' last visit to Ithaki was a massive 16 years ago. It's taken him a long time to get back, but now he's here, he fits into the island like a smooth hand into a glove. Everyone he knows is a little older, some even a little wiser, but not so old or so wise as to not be recognizable. Phillips roots are from Stavros, where his sister and her family live. Phillip was born in Melbourne Australia, but the pull to Greece may just see him re-organizing his life to make a go of it here. Below Left - Platrithia local, Alexandros enjoys a meal after a shift in Frikes, he also enjoys listening to alternative music on his ipod, sharing his western influences with his friends on the island. Below - August is Almond time. Almond trees around the island are ready to harvest this versatile nut. On Ithaki, the favourite way to eat Almonds fresh off the tree is to roast them slowly in a low oven. Ouzo and roasted Almonds. Very nice, thank you very much.
Below - The Kefalonia ferry was full yesterday. Every seat taken, inside and out. It was very evident in Vathy, that hundreds of people arrived on Ithaca with the start of August. The village square was absolutely buzzing and the bay was filled with large yachts and boats.
Right - Last night and tonight, Forkis Childrens Theatre are putting on a performance of 'The Star Thief', a play by Zoe Valasi. Click here on on photograph right for more pics. Another really excellent play presented by Forkis.
Mon 4 Aug - To see a short video of The Star Thief - Click Here
Below Left - Striking the pose - Alex, Lucy and Emma from the UK. The girls waste no time catching up with friends at Fiorendino Bar in Frikes to shake off the UK doldrums. Sisters, Alex and Emma are no strangers to the island and by the looks of it, Lucy, who is on Ithaki for the second time, will soon know the northern isle the way her friends do. Below Right - Eleni (UK) , Kalin, Elana, Bella (Pennsylvania USA) and Aliki (UK). These friends brighten up the Frikes street with their bubbly personalities.
Childrens Theatre in Vathy
The girls bring life and laughter to the village edge of Exoghi whilst they make the most of their Summer Holidays on Ithaca. Elena (center) not only appears to have a winning smile, but has been crowned Miss Teen Pennsylvania because of it, the Pageant being part of the Miss America Pageant. Just this year, Elena passed her crown on to the next Miss Teen, giving her the time to come to Ithaca with her family
and friends. Looks like Frikes after midnight will continue as it always has, lots of action at the corner bar where Peter and Dini serve up hamburgers and svinakia (alcoholic shots) to the August party goers, young and old. Now, if he didn't have 'Land Down Under', 'Final Countdown' and 'Life is Life', on high rotation there, I'd be hanging around a little more, but I have a feeling there wouldn't be any photographs with the mayhem that tends to go on there when the restaurant lights go out. Below Left - Alexander Kaimakamis is back again this year, but not for long. A quick trip to Norway
with a friend and now 10 days here on Ithaca to visit his brother Costa, who has almost set up house here. By the time Alexander gets back to Melbourne, where he lives and works, his head will be spinning with barely a memory of his short overseas stint.
Wed 6th Aug - It's a busy week this week with 2 days of Sotiris and the August mayhem upon us. The temperatures have been heading toward the 40's again and the humidity is high. Right - There's nothing like a little shade under an olive tree in the Pilikata region of Stavros. Below - Frikes beaches are quite a little more populated. Family fun.
Click here for a beachy video
Keep yours eyes on Summer Lodown for a video of Sotiris. Coming soon (i hope). Right - Proud Ithacan living in the States, Vasilis, introduces his wife Alessandra and baby boy, Ulysses, to the island. They were just a couple of the happy faces at the Stavros Panighiri.
Left - Sotiris (Stavros Panighiri) started last night. The attendence wasn't as impressive as other years, but word in the Square was that it didn't make an inkling of difference to those who came along. Everyone seemed to have a heap of fun. The dancing was energetic and passionate, the band was firing and the onlookers had enough to keep their eyes active. Click here or on Photograph left for more pics.
Thur 7 Aug - Above Left - Local fisherman selling their catch off the Vathy Pier. Can't get fresher than that. Above Right - Seems like every water space is used up by yachts docked in Vathy town. Left - Jerome and Poppy, here with their family from Athens, escape from parenthood for 1 night on the second night of Sotiros in Stavros to let their hair down. Poppy and Jerome with their roots in Stavros and Exoghi, come to Ithaki for a couple of months each Summer.
Tonight in Vathy, community members are demonstrating against Vathy Square being open during Summer evenings as determined by the Council this year. Traditionally, it has been closed for 35 years between certain hours of Summer nights.
Fri 8 Aug - Left to right - Maria Xenos from Melbourne, sisters Raftopoulou from Exoghi - Aleka Geitenbeek, Tasitsa and Sia Maltzis and Alekas daughter in-law, Poppy from Athens/Stavros.
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