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Here Today Gone Tomorrow

By Michele Brenton

Here and now,

The magpie swoops, the blackbird gathers

Dried grass from the new mown lawn,

While enemies circle,

Coughing from lungs poisoned by evil

Under a promise filled blue sky.


The sea calls,

Gulls sing in pain, the clouds wincing

To hear their heart torn noise.

Yet still we struggle,

Fighting the endless insanities

Under siege but never giving in.


To sail away,

To wander free,

To leave the filthiness behind.

Lost in clean purity.

Small in the bigness.

Oblivious and empty

Of all that defiles.

Waiting for a peace

And quiet

That will take us in and swallow us whole.



Ode to Ithacan Taxi Driver (You Know Who You Are!)

By Michele Brenton


The peace and quiet is very nice,

With echoes from the past,

But what eclipses all of this is driving very fast

On narrow roads with eyes tight shut,

Trying not to weep,

at views of beauty laid before them.

I'd rather be a sheep

Standing still, relaxed serene

Feet firmly where they've always been,

Not hurtling round the hair pin bends,

And trusting in safe journey's end.


Finding Home

By Michele Brenton

Subtle as breath, cirrus gentle…

Whispering softness with gossamer steel

Waking memories long forgotten,

Rock in blood and sea soul found.

More than a mother, father, children

Deeper than friendship stronger than love

Inexorable instinct denial negated

Gut recognition – this is home ground.

© 2005 Michele Brenton


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