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An Idyll Lost

By Jacqueline Davitt


The scent of fennel fills my nose,

A sea breeze ripples through my hair,

The table holds a silken rose,

My legs stick to the plastic chair.


Bouzouki music floats above,

The jaded waiters start to dance.

Their graceful gestures hint at love

And I, impassioned, take a chance.


“Sagapo” Nikos declares.

“I love you too” is my reply.

My heart's on fire, my ardour flares

I pledge my body with a sigh.


As dawn's pale fingers chase the moon,

We walk the seashore, hand in hand.

He says he'll pray I'll come back soon,

Then takes me, gently, on the sand.


That night I dress with special care

My spirits soar, my senses whirl.

But sitting in my favourite chair

With Nikos, is another girl.


He bends his head and starts to speak

“Ich liebe dich” I overhear.

I wave farewell to Nick the Greek

And vow to go to Spain next year!



© Jacqueline Davitt 200


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