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Sonnet to Ithacas

by Katrina Parsey

Love bring your attention to my front door
Wasted is my heart when not with you
On others hard wings, it will never soar
They can not look or touch the way you do
When snow has fallen on barren ground
I retreat to my single flat alone
In Bach and Jazz, hope of life I've found
that I will return to my verdant home
Together we will shield from storms and sorrows
Relaxing with wine in our double room
Dreaming of birth, spring in our tomorrow's
At night, spirited by the silver moon.
Ambition, avarice we have forgone
To spend a simple life where we belong

(C) 2004 Katrina Parsey

Winter Time on Ithaca

by Katrina Parsey

moulded on this mantelpiece
I dream of our descent
two plum portraits
roasting in redcurrant rapture

(C) 2005 Katrina Parsey


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