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Where Shall the Wind Take Me?

by Christopher Tsalikis


As the whispers of the night grow, as the night grows darker,

As I get tired, I start to fall asleep.

And what shall I awaken to?

As day breaks and the sun starts to rise,

I step out on my front porch…and look out to what only people dream of.

A place so amazing, so mesmerising, so many words that I cannot describe.

It's a place of beauty, it's a place of love, and it's a place where many have been and it's a place where many have died.

It's a place of great and utter beauty.

Crystal clear waters, white rocky beaches, sunsets to die for.

It's like a dream, a mesmerising world where there is no end, just beauty.

And to whomever finds this place will have eternal happiness.

For this place is like heaven on earth


By Christopher Tsalikis 2005

(C) 2005 C. Tsalikis


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