From Ithaca to the north of Greece and back via Athens - On The Road 2
Ithaca Greece ..
This looks colourful, but it's actually rubbish that's been dumped at a road-side outlook location.
Now we head toward Amfissa and then up through Lamia and Trikala to Meteora.
What I love about traveling around Greece are the constantly changing landscapes. It's impossible to get bored with the scenery. From mountainous, to lush plains and seaside to rocky outerlands. Greece has such a variety of landscapes, you barely know it's Greece

Between Lamia and Trikala is cotton country. At first glance the roadsides seem littlered with scraps of toilet paper, but you soon realize that the trucks that transport the cotton from farm to factory, lose some of their load on route, littering the roadsides with cotton puffs.

A gyspy wedding holds up traffic on the outskirts of Trikala. Trikala is a buzzing city with a scenic river that runs through it. There are many cafes and a big community of young people studying.
And out of the flat landscape the Meteora rocks protrude in the distance.