Ithaca Greece

The Summer Lo-down

This page is for all the ex-pats and other lovers of Ithaca who come back to visit regularly and have become  part of Ithacas 'Summer' furniture. 

Who's here, who's doing what, who got too drunk to remember last night...

Who's Here 2003


Who's Doing What    Around The Villages     Nightlife     Dispelling The Gossip

   Summer Lodown        Who's Here   

Who's Doing What    Around The Villages     Nightlife     Dispelling The Gossip

   Summer Lodown        Who's Here   

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Robert and Dianne are here from the UK, have fallen in love with Ithaca and with Dimitris Danis. Robert owns his own Gym and Security company and Dianne is 'Miss Chanel" rep. Beautiful people in beautiful Kioni.

Left - Ryan Fitzgerald arrived yesterday, 15th June with the South African wind which blows him towards Ithaca each year. We caught him catching up with old friends down in Frikes. Here's here until late July.
Right - June 17th. Harri is back again this Summer, leaving Athens behind to tour groups around the Ionian on Canoes and Kayaks. What a life. No wonder he's always smiling.

Grace Jones is on Ithaca. She came into Kioni on a Speed Boat today 17th June, to have lunch at Avra (Coronis) Restaurant. She was happy to give autographs. This website isn't Paparazzi, so no photo, but who needs one. We all know what she looks like.


June 18th. Left we have Olive and Terry from Dover, Right we have Richard and Alex from Sussex. These two couples met by chance in England two weeks ago only to discover they were both holidaying in Kioni at the same time. Such a coincidence warrants a few drinks together down along the Kioni bay. Each couple has been to Ithaca twice and love the place so much that they keep returning. Match made in heaven.


June 28th - Paul and Barbara arrived 2 days ago and will be staying 3 months. They have quit their jobs, travelled through Russia, Uk and some of Europe on their 10 month Odyssey away from Melbourne Australia. It's been 11 years since Barbara has been to Ithaca where her family has its ancesteral home in Anoghi. Barbara says its an emotional time. Paul, her husband of 5 years, had never been to Ithaca before. What he's seen so far, he likes very much. After Ithaca they head to Italy where Paull has his roots in Ancona.


Nadia arrived Saturday June 21st and is determined to make the most out of her 3 weeks here. Her friends back in South Africa thought 3 weeks was quite a long time for a holiday, but Nadia knows that 3 weeks is nothing on Ithaca. Days pass like minutes. Have a great time Nadia!


Adonis is straight off the boat. He's visiting relatives in Rahi and Kioni for the 3rdt time. He's here for 5 days before he continues his treks around Greece and then back to Melbourne Australia to finish his studies.

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