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by Grace Andreacchi

If you're going to Ithaka
setting out empty handed
from your own bright darkness

Fear not for
the gentle gods already know
the exact moment of your arrival

In her high palace
faithful Penelope has pulled taut
the threads of your life

Upon her loom
your blood stained histories woven into
her golden web and torn

Out again with deft fingers
Yes, Ithaka has waited
a long time for you

Ageless eyes scanning the horizon
examining each white sail
upon the wine dark sea

Now you are here at last
as morning flushes
the last small dreaming birds

The gods spread
dishes of olives blue sea
water white stones

for your bed
Lie still and the gods will dance for you
the stars by night will dance for you

When you go forth from​ Ithaka
lighter than light
the dance goes with you

(C) 2017 Grace Andreacchi

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