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Holiday on Ithaca!

So much to do on Ithaki at this time of year. Boating trips, scuba diving, kayaking, excursions, exploring and walking, yoga, pilates, reiki and more, all under a blue sky on an island surrounded by the Ionian sea.

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Tuesday 26th - Perfect May weather. Not too hot, not too cold. Ideal for being outdoors. Below - Kioni.

Above - The oldest building in Kioni.

Below - Aetos Bay.

Thursday 28th - There's something very calming about Vathy in the early evening, watching the light turn to gold as the sun sets behind Kathara, leaving a warm glow on the bay.

Friday 29th - The sun is back out after a couple of days of drizzle and grey skies, but the windchill has brought the temps down quite a bit when you're standing in the shade.

Below - Home made ice-cream from Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes. A new addition to their menu and one I'm pleased to see. All natural. The perks of being asked to take photos of food is that I get to eat it. It was delicious!

Below & Above - Afales. The water always looks so translucent when the wind blows.

Above - Was quite shocked to see that some of the lovely trees around Taxiarchis (3 in fact) have been scorched by a burning off fire way too close to the trees. It doesn't take the brain of a rocket scientist to know that if you light a fire under a tree, chances are the tree will get set alight. I hope someone got the appropriate slap on the wrist for this. Besides being thoughtless, it's also very dangerous.

May 2015

Ithaca, the Gem of the Ionian

Tuesday 26th

Above & Below - Kioni Bayside.

A few yachts in the harbour, the occasional bus tour and Day tripping boat, but other than that, it's peaceful and idyllic right now.

Thursday 28th - A bit of rain yesterday and a cooler temp of only 21C. Hopefully will look up again for the weekend.

Friday 29th - As we inch closer to June, a time when more and more people will be coming to Ithaca, businesses are putting the finishing touches to their appearances.

Below - Fiorendino Cafe and Bar in Frikes is the yachting hotspot for the village. Famous for it's Big Wednesday parties, breakfasts and snacks.

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