What's Happening on Ithaki 2007
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Who's Here - Summer Lodown 2007
All the faces of summer on Ithaca. Visitors, ex-pats, the curious, the accidental, the transitory, the adventurers, the sailors, the backpackers, the walkers, the runners, the swimmers, the honeymooners, the retirees, the artists, the poets, the beautiful and the ugly. Faces from all over the world come to this small island and can end up on who's here for the world to see.
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Thu 21 June - It's the time of the year when many ex-pats and/or their descendents flock to the island. Accents from Australia and South Africa dominate in the north island and that fabulous US accent rolls across the south island. The biggest contingency of tourists are however, still coming from the yachting groups. This transient influx (except for Saturdays) keeps the streets lively and interesting, it also keeps the bars in business and open until the early hours of the morning.
Left - Spyridoula and George Coutsouvelis are back on Ithaca, but this time not only for a holiday, but for a very special occasion, which no doubt you'll see right here on ithacagreece.com. They are visiting from Melbourne Australia where both are members of the Ithacan Philanthropic Society.
Fri 22 June - Above - Juan and Isabelle are back in the Ionian again, taking the Spanish sailing. When these two turn up to the island, you know there's going to be a party going on. Billy from Stavros (man in blue), joins the table for a quick 'hello' drink and 3 hours later still doesn't get the chance to say goodbye. Juan now writes a column for a Spanish paper, the subject - The Ionian. It's also published online so we'll get the link soon. Now all the Spanish lovers of this part of the world can keep up with the news from around the Ionian islands.
Above - Look who arrived in Frikes yesterday, Holly, the 40 day old Dalmatian pup all the way from Crete to Isalos bar. No wonder she's tired. This cute little thing has been wooing every passer-by with its cheeky charm and cute puppy antics. Jessica and Spilio, new puppy parents, will have their work cut out for them, although one thing is for sure, there's no shortage of willing puppy sitters.
Mon 25 June - Left - Shazaam! Lucky's back on the rock. If you're heading down to Polis beach, where Lucky hires out umbrellas and sun lounges, drop by to say hi to this Summer resident. Wow! drinking coffee these days?
exoghi connection
Tue 26 June - Right - Arthur and Connie are here from Australia, hiding out in Exoghi, from where Connie has Brettou roots. We caught up with them checking their email at Isalos in Frikes with Lucky, the Polis Man.
Ithaki Who's
.Here 2007
Above - Left to right Right - Steve the groom, Peggy - mother of the groom, Ioanna - sister of the bride, Spyridoula, the mother of the bride, George, the father of the bride, John is the father of the groom and Anastasia is of course, the bride. These two families, with their friends and relatives, have traveled all the way from Melbourne Australia for Steves' and Anastasias' wedding on the 3 July. The Church ceremony will be held in Platrithia and the reception will be at Rementzo in Frikes.

Above - Werner is back here again from Austria, but this time not with Uli, his wife, but with Ewald, his brother. What good is having a greek island 'get away' if you can't share it with the ones you love.... and the more red wine, the bigger the love.

Greek/Australians who come regularly to Ithaki

Wed 27 June - Left - L - R - Nick Levendis, Arthur Komminos, Sofia Levendi and Jenny Komminos. The Levendis are here from Sydney and the Komminos', from Newcastle Australia. We caught up with them bayside Frikes. Nick and Sofia are George Levendis' parents (George Levendis - Record Co exec and one time judge on Fame Story Greece.) There is definitely a family resemblance. They are also, and most importantly very nice people who have a sense of fun about them. Sofia likes to talk, and can supposedly talk under water, not bad, considering the rest of us would probably drown in the attempt. She is a self-adopted ithacan, who's Greek roots stem from Arcadia in the Peleponnese. When on Ithaca, they stay in their family home in Ag. Ioannis, where Nick has his roots, just down the road a bit from the Komminos family, who have their house in Lefki. Arthur and Jenny are equally bright sparks in our changing world and environment, always smiling and enjoying their time on Ithaca, whether up close or from a distance via the internet.

Fri 29 June - Above and Right - Is there anyone left in Newcastle Australia? Seems the entire town has come to Ithaca for the summer. L - R - Eliza and Louise Phillips, Dimity and Con Megalos and Jeff Phillips. Dimity and Con both have their roots from Ithaca, Ag. Sarantas and Stavros, where they have a family home, and come for Summer on Ithaca every couple of years. The Phillips family are along for the ride. The two families are enjoying a great time on the island, reuniting with old friends and making new ones.
The Oz conne ction
Sat 30 June - Above L - R - Brian, Chandra, Linda and John at Yefuri in Platrithia. Brian and Linda are here from Ireland and Chandra and John are regulars each Summer, where they holiday in their Ithacan home in Kioni. They come all the way from Perth in Western Australia.
On the buses
Above - Jackie and Kevin Fitzgerald From Cape Town SA, are no strangers to Ithaca, but it is the first real visit for Kevins ears, which now have as good a view as his eyes, since he cut off his trade mark long locks.
Those that come on bus tours to the island, get a short 45 minutes to experience Kioni. Many don't know where they are, and most don't need to. Bus tourers, drive, drink, eat and very occasionally get to swim. If they're lucky, they'll get a few minutes to look in the souvenier shops, but usually an ice-cream from the mini-market takes priority. Run people! Time's ticking over.
Fri 6 July - Left - Zaharenia Stamelatos. Zaharenia is here just 2 days on a whim from Astakos, where she is visiting some of her family while on holiday from South Africa. Through ithacagreece.com she has also discovered her Ithacan family, of which she is now constructing a family tree.
Sat 7 July - Right - The boys from Newcastle hang out at Margarita Cafe, lovingly known as the Zac in Stavros. Top - Jonathon Megalos, Bottom Left - Marcus Scott (aka Sikiotis) and bottom right - Simon Megalos. There is another Scott, but he's missing in 'late bar' action elsewhere on the island. The boys say a big hello to Nona Nina, who isn't on Ithaca, but who catches up daily with what's happening around the island through ithacagreece.com
Mon 9 July - Right - Gerhardt and Gerta from Austria and Kolieri, are back for their Summer visit with daughter, son in-law, grandson and special relatives from Bazil. We caught up with them enjoying lunch at Polis Beach Cantina.
Left - Elen, Brett, Nicola and Louisa Deans are here from Brisbane Australia, visiting Elens cousin Maria and family. They came to ithaca in the clothes they wore from Santorini from where their suitcases were misplaced by the airlines. It's not often a family goes shopping for underwear together in Vathy, but that's exactly what the Deans family needed to do. They head back to Australia next Wednesday. Let's hope the airline can keep track of their suitcases on this trip.
Above - Claire is on Ithaca as the Tour Rep for GIC. We caught up with her in Frikes after a long day at the office.
Tue 10 July - Campers-vanners, camping illegally in the Frikes bay-side Car park. Cheeky buggers. A little research on camping wouldn't have hurt if they came to the island assuming there were facilities for this, which there aren't. Where will they go to loo? where will they put their rubbish? where will they wash? what water will they use? If they were looking for an inexpensive holiday, they should researched which islands have camping or have just pitched a tent in their living rooms and rented a couple national geographic dvds.
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