Letters to Ithaca Greece from people that have visited this Greek Island in the Ionian.
Visitors Letters 2007
We welcome your letters. Write us with your Ithacan experience.
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Kali Xronia Erika and Dimitri and to all those Ithakians - both full and part-time wherever they may be right now. Looking forward to seeing you all as 2007 unwinds.

Sue and Mike Bennett UK
Happy New Year to all the wonderful people of Ithica.

Beryl and David Thompson UK


It's great to have the web site back to normal. We hope you had a good holiday, but thank god you're back. We really miss the twice weekly updates.

Carol and Tom Apple Cross W. Australia


What wonderful wonderful pictures .No need to go to Aus now.Just use my imagination. Hope to meet you in the Summer Regards

Tom Haslett

Only to say welcome back and how much your site is appreciated by us Brits in our cold, wet and very windy winter. You have really created something quite unique in a world of me-too internet. Is there a name day for Erika? Hope to see you this summer, Best wishes,

Mike and Sue (one dog, no house yet).


Hi Erica, Hope your trip to Australia was good.  We missed your updates and photos.  The weather here in England is very mild for the time of year, beautiful day today blue sky's and sun.  Sun, yes sun its been a long time since we had any.. If you see Mr Dion and Georgia Delaportas of captains apartments say Hi to them and that we miss them very much and Kioni.  Are you keeping busy in the bar and what else have you been up to? When we where in Kioni last year July we met a lovely sweet lady called Joanna age 86, amazing lady.  She swam ever day in the sea with her friends and live in Patra? And has a house in Kioni that she comes to in the summer she spoke very good English and wore a straw hat.  If you see her say hello and when we come back next year we will hope to see her. Love to everyone in Kioni.

It's great to catch up with everyone and everything on Ithaki. Thank you for a great site. Please keep it up. Each Sunday I have my breakie and get online to see what you've added over the week. There's always something or someone I recognize. thank you.
Lisa Marie USA
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