Letters to Ithaca Greece from people that have visited this Greek Island in the Ionian.
Visitors Letters 2003
We welcome your letters. Write us with your Ithacan experience.
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  It's not hard to have a great time on Ithaca. I love Frikes and I love you Bemeni!!!! Maria, St. Kilda Australia.

I wish I could come every summer.  I'm saving up for 2004, I hope Bemeni's is still there. Start pouring the 'Sfinakia'.
Sophie, Johannesburg S Africa

To tell the truth we never wanted to come to Greece, our travel agent had told us about not being able to flush toilet paper down the loo and we just found that too primitive, but it's not a problem at all.  We had such a wonderful time in Kioni where we stayed for 2 weeks.  Carol and I felt like we had a second honey-moon.  We want to thank Yiorgo and Jenny at Spavento for always making us feel at home. We'll be back one day.
Terry and Carol Pickle, The Eastenders.

The island is undoubtedly beautiful, but on my visit there in the Summer of 2002, I noticed that the disposal of waste was not very efficient.  I believe some signs around the beaches and recreation areas would help remind everyone to dispose of their rubbish into the bins rather than leaving it to spoil the beaches etc.  That said, I would also like to tell you that I came to Ithaca on the recommendation of a friend and it was all and more than he had described to me.  Ithaca is a rare jewel, your website may however spoil it if too many people discover just how very special this island is.  Cheers.
Trevor Stockdale, London UK

We only had one night on Ithaca, but it was the best night we'd had on our Greek holiday.  We accidentally got off the ferry at Frikes instead of Fiscardo on our way from Lefkada, by the time we realized our mistake, the ferry had gone and we were stuck without accommodation or a change of clothes.  We really want to thank Poppy and Nektario at Rementzo for finding us somewhere to stay, giving us a jacket to keep off the rain and for a wonderful night of song and drink with them and their friends.
Pete and Ann, Manchester UK

Hi everyone on Ithaca.  I wish I was there right now, down at Poli beach with the guys drinking my beer and eating Calamari.  See you next year I hope!
Sasha, Brunswick Australia

Ithaka ist eine underscoene insel.  Wir moechten gerne noch mahl him, verleicht noch diesen Sommer.  Uns gefelt Vathy sehr gut.  Freundliche leute und wunderschoene straende.  Alles gute mit eure website.
Frieda and Ernst, Bayreuth Germany.

I've never been to Ithaca, but while surfing I came across your site.  I love your Locals page, what a great way to get to know the place and the people. Can't wait til you have more faces on it.  If I wasn't so broke, there wasn't an outbreak of deadly flue and there was no war, I'd jump on a plane tomorrow.
Girl on a wire

I was booked in at Vathy, took a day trip to the north island on my scooter and didn't go back to my room in Vathy until it was time to pack for home.  The north island rocks!  Spavento, Bemenis, the girls.  I'll be back!!!


Hi, A friend of mine told me about this site today ,mainly because my daughter nicole's photo was on this site. She was pictured in the Summer Lo-Down section for august.Nicole is not from Brisbane but from Newcastle Australia.We spent 3 weeks on Ithaca this year and except for the earthquake -where I suffered an injury - sprain foot , we had a great time. My husband Greg was born on Ithaca in Stavros and we try and go every 2-3yrs. This island is paradise and I hope it stays that way.We spend most of our time in Stavros and I would love to say hi to Maria and Makis at the zac who always make you feel welcome and know how to look after you.Also not forgetting Yianni's restaurant - the best pizza you will have ever tasted and just ask him for a Spero's special he will know what you mean..Keep up the great work on this site,
Toni Lucas ( Lecatsas) Newcastle, Australia

We are back in Aussie again after a wonderful few weeks in Ithaki, during hot August. It was so good to be back to see my Ithacan cousins and friends again. Although my roots are from Lefki, we spent a lot of our time in Stavros enjoying the nightlife at Maki's and Yiannis with our local and Aussie cousins, check out some of the photo's at http://groups.msn.com/ithacagreeceimages/shoebox.msn The Panighiri at Sotiros was great again, Swimming at Krouvoulia was like heaven, as was, sitting under our tree at Poli. A cold beer after a 42 degree day tasted so
nice. I wish we had more time on the island, I would have loved to sit and talk more to Yianni in Lefki, Uncle Jerry in Rahi, George and Lazaros in Stavros, Spiro in Koutoupi and heaps of other relatives and friends. Cant
wait to get back to Ithaki. Thanks to my cousin Afrodite who looked after us so much, and yes, the earthquake was a bit scary, it just happened to be our wedding anniversary on that day and contrary to what the locals are saying, wedidn't start the earthquake, i think it was Maki !!!. Oh.. and what a great BBQ for the Aussies at the Levendi's home at Aghio Yianni, thanks Sofia & Nick... What a great site this is, I cant keep away from it, Love the locals & the summer lodown pages, keep up the excellent work.
Spero & Liz Davias, Newcastle, Australia

Congratulations! This is a beautiful site. I reside in New York and my name is Dora Mavrikis. I was born on the island, lived in Stavros, left as a teenager and swim in Poli waters every summer. To my enjoyment my children have grown to love Ithaki also and have friends of their own there. You are doing a wonderful thing for all of us who live far away and always looking for ways to keep in touch and updated. I keep Ithaki in my heart and now I can visit your site to look at pictures and recognize roads I walked on, to see faces of childhood friends and smile, to get lost in memories of summer vacations, to keep my love for the island vivid and alive, to enjoy, to keep me until next summer...Thank you and keep up the excellent work.

  Dora Mavrikis NY USA  
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