Letters to Ithaca Greece from people that have visited this Greek Island in the Ionian.
Visitors Letters 2003
We welcome your letters. Write us with your Ithacan experience.
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I used to work for the Greek Islands club as a windsurfing instructor based in Frikes. My first year was 1989 I lived up the road out of Frikes toward Stavros in what was known as Sophias house. The following year I lived on the other road out of Frikes toward Platrathia. I can't remember the name. But half way through that season I moved to the lowest apartment in the Demitraki block (next to Pete's Bar) Bemenis (we'll come on to that) 1991 I was chief instructor with two staff Mark Venn and Chris Ingall (Snakee) we all lived in what we call the bear cave but it was the ground floor apartment of Jerry Raftoupolou who would look after us in his very special and kind way with offerings of fruit and Ithacan delicacies, In return he would expect us to be up early on our days off with stinking hang overs (Pete's bar) to Asfesti things or remove frogs from his water pump. In 1992 I still worked for GIC but I was based on Paxos for this season, but Mark and Chris came back. Step back to 1991 and working for GIC on Cephalonia at Spartia was a girl called Dani who I fell in love with. She came to visit me in Paxos as my girlfriend before traveling on to Australia to visit her relations in and around Sydney and to do some traveling too. Back to the story. Whilst in Paxos the management there asked if I would like to return to Ithaca as the Island manager. As you can guess I didn't need to be asked twice, I was also allowed to choose my rep. So naturally I asked Dani who luckily agreed, as she actually ran the island whilst I spent my time placating the Port police, visiting the bank in Vathy, and fixing up the hire boats that they ran, as the "bludging Kiwi" Andrew, who was employed to do the job was not best suited to work. As Island manager and rep we were based in Kioni with our office on the water front underneath Thesbo's house. What a location, I don't think I really appreciated it then. I sure do now. Next door was Christos and Axel's house who would invite us in for the most alcoholic Gin and tonics ever known to man. Axel sadly passed away a few years ago God bless him. Christos still remains in my memory and on our book shelf with a fantastic photo book called the children of Ithaca. A photo book with portraits of Ithacan Locals. Here are the reasons I like this site. Jenny who's picture features in the Locals section was a barmaid at Pete's Bar and I knew her well and enjoyed her company if I remember right she was seeing a guy called George at the time who rode a really great old BMW bike. Long nights were spent dancing to the B52's and drinking various cocktails that Pete had invented, his best being the Flaming Lamborgini. In fact ever image you have on this site brings back fantastic memories. 1993 was my last year in Ithaca and for working with GIC, it was also the last year that the sailing and windsurfing happened in Frikes bay. Now 10 years on I still haven't returned despite taking the waters at Kalamos. But the Island is never far from my thoughts and neither are the fantastic people that I met there. The maids that cleaned the apartments, Panos the truck driver (who I see from your site is still with the lovely Sonja), Costas from Hamilton house, Titi who fed us. Aleca at the supermarket. Pete, George, and his wife Gorgia From the bar (Bemenis). The long suffering Rita from Penelopes in frikes (I believe she has now moved to Patra), also George and Jerry at their taverna in Frikes. Kiki at the travel agents. The old rogue Stravros at the supermarket in Frikes. Yanni the Pizza loving Taxi driver from Stravros and his lovely wife who's name I can't remember. I could go on for ever as they were all so nice, so genuine, and welcoming. So if anyone knows these people or has contact with them please pass on my fondest regards. Finally (if you haven't fallen asleep) Dani and I got married in 1997 we live just outside Cambridge in the UK we have three kids Max 5, Molly 3, and Connie 9 months. Best of all we have two dogs, Frikes and Kioni. I'LL BE BACK! PS - I do have some photos If you would like to use them.
Regards. Tom Wykes.

Ì dont know who made this site but i have one thing to tell you. CONGRATULATIONS YOU MADE OUR DAY. We are the Katri sisters, Konstantina & Mary, we leave in athens but we have a summer house in ithaka and we go there every summer. Me and my sister are both at work and we found this website and it cheered us up! We found some familiar faces in there. Again congrats good work
KK Athens

It's Winter here in the UK, guess it's winter on Ithaca too, but on your wonderful site, I see that the sun is still shining. It brings back so many lovely memories of your island and the people who made me feel so welcome. Please give my regards to Meropi and Olimpia at Symposium in Frikes.
Fiona, formerly Brisbane Australia, now London England

Hello to all our friends in kioni. This is Terry & Olive from Dover in the UK. We came back to your lovely village in June for our second visit and will be with you again in 2004. We both wish everyone in Kioni a Happy Christmas and a good New Year.
Our Love to you all Terry & Olive Whitehead xxxx

Hi there, Have just been looking at your website and I now can't wait to visit your beautiful island for myself. Graeme, my husband and myself have just booked up to come over on the 19th September this year after eventually finding a company that flies out from Newcastle, England (or as most people know it as Geordieland). I have had a good laugh looking through the photo's of your year and everyone seems to have a great sense of humour and friendliness which I have come to find are attributes of all Greek people I have met. I just thought I'd drop a line to say hello first and hope to meet a few during our stay at Nostos. Look forward to having a great time walking, eating, drinking and meeting as many people as possible. Bye for now
Samantha Taylor, UK

I love Vathy.  I love Frikes.  I love Century Club.  I love girls.  I love Bemenis.  I love Ithaca. .. .. Karl, Toowoomba Australia

Just a short note to tell you all involved in this site that I feel so proud to be part of a community with such sprit and pride in our Island. Thank you for showing the world the true diamond in the Mediterranean. Love you all and hope to see you in August
Deanna Couvaras

Came to Ithaca for the first time 3 years ago, lured by an acquaintance.
Was told that the way to go on the island was by scooter.
Got on a scooter straight from the ferry, never drove one before.
(only a bicycle and moped in low, flat Holland).
Followed the road, all the way to Exoghi. It was terrifying, it was
october, we had to push on because daylight was fading.
But what sublime terror! The land- and seascape unfolding before me was
breathtaking! But- I had to keep my eyes on the road!
That road......
We made it to Exoghi, the scooter climbed like a mountain goat.
I was absolutely gobsmacked.
After that first time I had to keep coming back.
What is it about this place? It's just a mountain sticking out above the
sea, no traffic lights, not even a proper airport-thank god.
I'm not even going to try and understand it, just wanna be here!
Anyone got a job for me? I'm hooked! ... ....... ...... ...... ..... ..... .... ..... .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Ester van Zuylen from the Netherlands

Dear, lovely Ithacans,
Fondest wishes to you all. We are safely back in London. Sob sob, but at least the sun is shining. Great website. Is that you Dimitris? and who else........ Love the locals pages. And those photos of all our friends. I can't believe it! This is a life saver. Miss you so much. We will be back! SOON. Any more houses for sale?
Fran ( and Jeffrey ) UK

Hello to whomever has put together this site..It's great to see a site that shows exactly what we experience in ithaki...sun, sea and the good life! Getting ready to come over for good...only two weeks to go! seeing this site has made me realise i am making the right choice. Continue to enrich this site the way you are and many more people that have been "connected" to this island will be much happier. See you at Exoghi Panigyri.
Angelique, Melbourne Australia

Hi Our second visit to Kioni has made us famous world wide by appearing on your web page .We will certainly return with fond memories of you all What a great web site !!!!
Terry and Olive from Dover Kent

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