Letters to Ithaca Greece from people that have visited this Greek Island in the Ionian.
Visitors Letters 2006
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Well it is now only 2 week weeks until Sarah and I arrive once again in Ithaca for our annual 2 week break. Can I just say a really really big THANK YOU to you for your website which has seen us through the past dreary depressing year reminding us how lucky we were to discover your wonderful island we can't wait to return. We have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of at least seeing how everyone has been there on the net . We will be in Kioni from the 25 th at Lykoudi again . Hope to meet you

Keith Walford Weybridge Surrey UK

We have just returned from our second visit to Ithaca and enjoyed it even more than the first. Your web site helped make the trip more enjoyable as we have been following events all winter - it was a bit like coming home really. Didn't get chance to meet you, but we did speak with Dimitris and his sister. Maybe next time. We have drunk again from the spring at Kalamos, so I guess we'll be back, it worked last time. We even learnt from your site that Tassos (Amfitriti Gift Shop) makes jewellery, so this time we asked if he could repair my wedding ring, which many jewellers in England said was impossible - in fact I have found only one who was prepared to try it. Of course he did so, and did an excellent job. It is a wonderful reminder of the island which will remain with me wherever I go. On the Homer issue, I managed to buy the book "Ithaca and Homer (the truth)" by Christos I. Tzakos, in Vathy. The English translation was only published last year and it seems to me to knock this whole debate on the head. If anyone is interested, I would certainly recommend this to balance Odysseus Unbound - the one which caused all the fuss last year. Whether there is a simple truth, as one of your correspondents says,  that would prove the argument is debatable but I doubt it will have any great effect on tourism to Ithaca. People visit for the island, and more importantly its people (and if that sounds familiar, it was you who pointed it out to me last year). Keep up the good work, and we'll be watching the site over summer - it is a great way of escaping the daily routine of work. With best wishes to all our friends in Kioni,

Mike and Sue Ashton Cumbria, England, (unfortunately not the ones having the house built)

Wow, I'm amazed at how many letters come into the Ithaki website on such a regular basis. My parents are from the island, and I've been there several times. Hello to all my aunts, uncles, cousins and friends! I hope to visit again soon.

Tony Vlismas(Barlas)

Only five days to go before our 4th visit to Ithaca! We arrive in Vathy on Sunday night.We have enjoyed keeping up with the news from Ithaca and cant wait to be back on her shores. We have missed Ithaca so much as we always do. It is like going home, hopefully one day it WILL be our home! See you all Sunday!!

Mick and Mandy West, Lincolnshire UK

I had to write and congratulate you on the web site. My husband and I have visited Ithaca on four previous occasions, always staying in Kioni and are booked to return this July. It is brilliant that I can check on everything and everyone via these pages on the site and each time I look, I get more excited about seeing all our friends again. Keep up the good work and hopefully, come July, we too will be happy faces on the 'Who's Here' page! Thanks and regards,

Lynn UK

Dear Erika, I have been meaning to write to you for months now. I am in love with Ithaca and addicted to your website, congratulations on the wonderful job you are doing, keeping all of us out here informed, thank you, I visit your site daily. My husband has relations in Stavros, and I have visited Ithaca 3 times, my husband 4 times, and my son spent 2 months on Ithaca whilst cycling from London to Istanbul in 2001. We have enjoyed our holidays walking, siteseeing and swimming. We live in a beautiful part of South Africa called Plettenberg Bay, however, I still envy you all on Ithaca - it is heaven on earth. Please say hallo to Foutilla, Sotiris, Spiros and George (saw your photo, George, on the website!) Couvaras in Stavros, we have not met Vicki yet. Our favourite eating place is Margaritas in Stavros and I so enjoyed seeing the photo of Mikis, Maria and their children, having a much needed break in Frikes a few days ago . We are hoping to be there next summer and introducing our daughter to your lovely island. Please keep the website going. Regards -

Eileen Couvaras, Cape Province, South Africa

Thank you for a brilliant website. We visited Kioni twice last year and fell in love with the island from the very first day. It has been great to keep up to date over the winter with news about the island. We have visited the site regularly and look forward to seeing the new additions. We have particularly enjoyed seeing the wonderful photographs of the island in all weathers. We are really looking forward to our visit next week and can't wait to return to the island and meet the friendly locals once again. The only problem will be leaving at the end of the week. We look forward to meeting you during our visit.

Pam & Doug, York, England

After booking a holiday to Ithaca last year, my friend and I found your site and were entranced. After having been to Ithaca, we were in love with the place, and your site keeps me up to date with the goings on. We'll be back in September this year and I can't wait ! Your site is a lifeline on cold wet English days. Many thanks

Lesa Carnegie UK




After booking a holiday to Ithaca last year, my friend and I found your site and were entranced. After having been to Ithaca, we were in love with the place, and your site keeps me up to date with the goings on. We'll be back in September this year and I can't wait ! Your site is a lifeline on cold wet English days ! I would like a pic of Vathy harbour please. Many thanks

Lesa x
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