Letters to Ithaca Greece from people that have visited this Greek Island in the Ionian.
Visitors Letters 2006
We welcome your letters. Write us with your Ithacan experience.
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Hi Erica, As I have told you before I love your website and still visit it on a daily basis. Today I am quite nostalgic, on 14th September last year, my son Matthew proposed to his fiance Halszka Hrabar, in the Couvaras vineyard in Stavros. We were on holiday, Matthew's fourth visit to Ithaca, when he popped the question. What a wonderful place to start their engagement, as his great grandfather was born in Stavros.  They are at present driving in a Landrover from London to Plettenberg Bay in South Africa, our home town.  We are planning to be back in Stavros this time next year.  Please keep your wonderful website going. With regards,
Eileen Couvaras, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.
Hi Erika, didnt get a chance to meet you while I was on the island in early July, though did make some lifelong friends while i was there. The greatest meeting point was by far at Bemenis, especially one night where there was a competition of the Tug of war-Boys V Girls. Nearly wet my pants with laughter... I recall someone was capturing those moments taking photos, if they could please pass onto you for posting on your site that would be fantastic. Keep up the great work- LOVE IT.

Olivia Cass - Melbourne Australia

We had the most wonderful holiday staying in Vathy and travelling around Ithaca. We loved it !

Pauline UK

W Saw the pic of weird trails in the sky – these are NOT normal aircraft contrails – (mainly water vapour which disperse in a few minutes). What you have there is a world-wide phenomenon known as Chemtrails. See www.chemtrailcentral.com for more info. (publish anonymously if you wish)


I am engaged to a grand -son of the Karangtes family (Nicholas)from Kioni. His yaya still has a house there which we want to fix up and use once a year for our friends and family. His mother is Olga Karanteges. We have decided to get married in the old church in Mouvrouna beach which was the one his yaya liked, and then to have the reception at the AvRA who are family also. We are so excited! and yes not easy too plan... see you soon

Anle, SA

Happy fathers day to John R. in kioni for Sunday 3 sept. from his daughter

Rena in Melb. Australia

We had a lovely holiday in Vathi. Only 6 days, but every one very special. We've traveled alot in Greece and have seen many beautiful islands. Ithica is definitely on our top list.

Mary-Ann and Doug, USA

Nice quiet island. Ideal for relaxing and getting away from it all. Our favourite town was Vathi and then Stavros. People very friendly. Beaches are clean, although the stones do get uncomfortable. Generally the food was good, although just a bit more expensive than we expected. Overall, we rate Ithaca very high on holiday destinations. We will definitately consider going again in the future.

Brian Cowley, London UK

Erica congratulations to your wonderful site. I love it and I visit it everyday. I live in New York and on August I spent two weeks in kioni where I'm from. I also spoke to you at Patritheia panigyri and you took a picture of me and my family. I was nice meeting you. talk to you soon.

Dina Kallinikos NY USA

Hello everybody on Ithak and everywhere around the globe. Just want to tell you all that the Ithacans from around the world pages are great! I hope you can build this even more over the next years. Wish I could be a part of it but alas I am not Ithacaecian by any blood, but I do have friends who are and in particular a boyfriend who is. He or his family aren't on it yet. I will try to get them to send you information so they can be included. Great site!!!!! I wish someone in Cyprus would do a site like this, that's where my family heritage is from.

Connie - Melbourne Australia

A letter from 14 yr old Elena to her grandmother Florina Alexander Lekastas of Stavros Ithaki, kindly shared with permission to be included on ithacagreece.com by Karly (Kaliopi) Kallinikos

Dear Nona,

The beautiful island of Ithaca is famous for being the home of the great Trojan War hero, Odysseus, who struggled to return home after twenty years of being stranded on the strange islands of the God's. After reading The Iliad and the Odyssey, I understood why you have a special place for it in your heart. You generated from Ithaca, growing up hearing stories of the incredible war hero that came from your island. "I was proud to walk on the sane stones and on the same beaches and the places exactly where Odysseus was." In our interview, I understood how proud you were that you grew up on this fascinating, little island in the Ionian Sea. I know you recommended this book to me because you wanted me to understand the history of our island. I have learned more than one would imagine, and I thank you for inspiring me. I realized that you and Odysseus are more alike then I would have ever expected.

I made many connections between Odysseus' description of Ithaca, and your own description. They are very similar, and I can see that you love lthaca as much as Odysseus did. Odysseus describes Ithaca, his 'rnotherland', to Alcinous just as you would to a stranger. "'I live on the 'island of Ithaca which to me is the most beautiful land on which the sun has ever shone.!" Odysseus speaks of his island with such honor and delightfulness. When Odysseus returns to Ithaca after twenty years, he knelt to the ground and kissed it. Whenever you return to Ithaca after being in America, you are cheerful, and it's noticeable. Odysseus made many risks in his life away from Ithaca and was almost killed numerous times. However, he fought and struggled for twenty years and never gave up. When you are in America with us, I can tell you are longing to return to your precious Ithaca. I also know that you can't resist telling us amazing stories of Ithaca, whether: they are myths, stories from the past, or modern day stories. This book was fantastic and 1 gained knowledge of Odysseus, our island, and you. Thank you for suggesting The Iliad and the Odyssey to me. It was a wonderful book, especially considering how it related to our family's background. I now appreciate this book as much as you do. I also learned that you and Odysseus have more than I imagined in common. Thanks again Nona! Love Elena

Elena LaQuatra


Dear Erica, A quick note to thank you and compliment you on the coverage on Ryan and Nadia's Wedding! It has been great to refer people to the site to get this wonderful overview of our celebration. It certainly has made us all feel a bit like celebrities!. So much for the couple wanting a low key wedding! We all had such a good time, and your photos and captions have really captured the atmosphere. It was a day to remember! Anybody out there planning a wedding on Ithaca, it was a breeze. There is absolutely nothing you cannot organize. Looking forward to our next trip. Love the place and the people!   Regards to all

Katie Fitzgerald South Africa


My partner & I came to Ithika for the first time last October & were thrilled with the place. For the guy who found it too noisy & dirty come in October its bliss. It is so peaceful & quiet & the sea is lovely & warm. Everyone was friendly, so we are coming back again. It was going to be in spring but we couldnt wait so we are back the 1st October for 2 weeks hope the weather is kind to us I know its not too good at the moment & for what its worth we like you web site

Babs n Tony

thanks for another great Summer !! The only days we dont look at your site is when we are there !! We have only managed 5 visits so far this year but hoping to squeeze in another. Having been stranded on the island by the ferry strike in Feb (surviving the Hard Candy Gig in reverse) we nearly had a repeat last week when the Piso - Friskado ferry was cancelled because of the weather - many thanks to those who helped us get to Sami and then catch the flight.   Started to enjoy the Winter site - great day at Polis yesterday - hope to be there for it next year.

Sue and Mike (London and Kioni)

hello  erica you do very good jop  on this site and  ithaki is the best island ionion-sea.. and far way i live  always my mind is there from  where i came always vathi-ithaki  vounaki. hello  ithaca from 1 corner to the  ather this is

Kosta Magrippis Atlantic City NJ  USA

What a fabulous website! you have obviously put a lot of work into this. I feel I know you all and am greatly looking forward to meeting some of you when I arrive on Sunday. Brilliant !!


I've never thought of a Greek Island as a place i would want to visit in Winter or Auturmn, but looking at your lovely web site, really makes me want to experience it. As soon as i get a cheap ticket .... Keep the home fires burning. I'd like to be there for Christmas.

Caroline Butler UK

Whemever my dreary life and dreary job gets me down, I take a moment to visit ithaca thanks to your site. More photos of Stavros please. It's my favorite town. We first came across this wonderful island while on a bus tour from Cephalonia in June, loved it so much that we didn't want to return there. Ithaca is so idyllic and quaint. It made my husband and I wish for simpler life.

Sharon Henry IL USA

Hello and good morning. I am aware that this may not be a letter your readers may enjoy, but I was urged to write this complaint due to my unsatisfactory holiday on Ithaca. My first and most important complaint is that lack of public transport on the island. It is outrageous to be forced to hire a vehicle or call on a taxi with inflated charges ( 25 euro from Vathi to Kioni, a mere 30 min trip), to get around the island. My wife and I were not the only tourists to have this complaint, nearly everyone we spoke to was disappointed with this. My other complaint is that there should be a tour for people holidaying on the island. A small bus trip to see the sights, go to the Museums, learn a little about the island. Ithaca is too difficult to get to and too insignificant to be so expensive, not to have some primary touristic excursions. We felt dumped in a place that offered little value for money with little to do than to walk the streets. Thank you for your time.

T. Harrison London UK

You often get people asking about how they can get to get to Ithaca.  I just thought I would tell you that it is not too difficult to get to Ithaca from Corfu - my husband and I flew to Corfu from the UK, we got a sea plane to Patra and then the ferry from Patra to Ithaca.  It took just one day - a long one but no more difficult than going via Athens. It sounds a round about route but worked well and the sea plan was a wonderful experience!   Thank you  for your wonderful site.

Tricia, Ingleton UK

I would like to tell your readers that Ithaca is just wonderful in the late season. Yes, we had some rain, but it was never long before the sun was shining again. For anyone who likes walking, late September and October are great!!! I have my sights set on Spring next year also. Ithaca is so green and beautiful, that the flowers in Spring must be wonderful to see. I look forward to my next trip with bated breath.

Coraline Bekker Melbourne Australia

Hello there, Just returned from another wonderful week on Ithaca (29th Sep - 5th Oct) – our second trip this year and sixth in total – yes we love the island ! – another week of glorious sunshine – good food – excellent company – what more could we ask for ! Sadly however it will be our last with Simply Travel – it was Paul Newton who introduced us to the island back in the winter of 2002 – we had previously travelled with Simply to a different Greek i sland each year. Paul recommended It h aca for our June holiday 2003 – we have returned every June and September / October since..  Greta has been a wonderful host and along with our many friends on the island has made each visit that extra bit special… We have stayed in Vathi, Lefki , Lahos and Kioni, preferring the north of the island, especially Kioni and Frikes. A great addition to our “hectic” holiday schedule for this latest trip was a very long breakfasts at the Spovanti Café, down on the Kioni waterfront – just watching a very small corner of the world go around - setting us up each morning for the hectic day ahead – either lazing by the pool or on a beach, or perhaps taking a little motor boat for the splendid scenery offered from the sea.  Just how did we manage to miss out on this treat on our previous trips!! A special thanks goes to Greta and all the wonderful people of Ithaca for making it all possible ….. and of course to yourself for providing us with a portal to life on Ithaca, when we are unable to be there in person. Many thanks,

Janet and Paul UK
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