Letters to Ithaca Greece from people that have visited this Greek Island in the Ionian.
Visitors Letters 2006
We welcome your letters. Write us with your Ithacan experience.
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What a fantastic web site. So many beautiful photographs and stories. Congratulations! My family roots are from Ithaki, and even though I have only been once in my life, I remember it with much love. Your web site is very tempting to go again soon.
Ana Black SA
Hope you enjoy the words (Poem enclosed. Click here to read ) Forgive me its 3.45 am. Memories flooded of my revisits to my birthplace as i searched your site 2nite for the first time. N.S.W. seems another sun away 2nite. It maybe warm, we have the pacific, yes the town is small, but small is not the yearn to be in thiaki.  
Georgia  Raftopoulos ( tou atihou) NSW Australia
Just had a good look through the 2006 Calendar and noticed the black and white photo gallery. It's just lovely.
P. Black NY USA
When everyone else on the island seems to be on holiday, thank you for making yourself available to answer questions and replying so quickly. This is a very informative site and your quick response in answering these questions is reassuring. Thank you.
Darren and Heather Brighton UK
My wife and I never tire of the lovely photographs you print on the web site. Keep up the good work.
Brian and Katey Morrison London UK
Good friends of mine have been holidaying on Ithica for a few years and have really fallen in love with the island. We hope to join them this year and have found your web site to be very helpful indeed. It is good to read the visitors letters and the tell me letters for more faqs on the island. Congratulations.
Caroline Armstrong, Perth Australia
My first time to Ithaki was in 1978 and my last visit was in 1998. I have myself seen many changes from one visit to another, but am pleased to say that the heart of Ithaki is unchanged. It's a special island with special people and I want to thank you for showing this through your wonderful webpage. Due to physical difficulties I can no longer travel long distances, but there is some consolation in visiting Ithaki through the wonderful photographs on the site. Ithaca was my place of solitude, where I wrote and painted away from the daily stresses of my normal life, and where I was inspired by the local people who were so kind to me those many years ago.
Frank Foley, Melbourne Australia
I send my regards to Afales beach where I would swim with the fish on a Summer morn in 2005 and bathe under the midday sun, collecting shells and pebbles for my collection, while I dreamt of a life I might one day live on the island of Ithaca. Thank you for keeping the dream alive.
Cassandra Morrison, Boston USA
I have never wanted to rush retirement, but as the years go on I wish it would come faster, so I can pack up the city life and move myself to Ithaca. Congratulations on a wonderful site. I hope you realize just how hard you make it for us living in the cities to see you all enjoying the paradise island. I don't know whether to thank you or ask for an apology.
Con Cass, Sydney Australia
When the ferry first sailed into the port of Piso aetos last September, my first ever trip to Greece, with thoughts of Mikonos in my head, I thought 'oh my god, where have i ended up' Yes, this port was a bit of a shock to say the least, but once I settled into my room in Vathi, surrounded by that gorgeous horseshoe bay, yachts in the harbor, the smell of food cooking in the kitchens, the busy and chaotic port arrival went completely out of my head. So did mikonos. My only regret is that I was too shy to discover more about the island and the people. I found everyone very helpful and very friendly. A few months ago I started Greek language lessons so that on my next visit in 2007, I'll be better equipped for this lovely island. Since I discovered this site, I have become addicted to it. You've made mention many times that people from all over seem to fall in love with Ithaca. That is definitely true in my case. I'm not Greek, I've never had a greek friend and knew very little about Greek culture, yet Ithaca held something very special for me and I know I will go again many times.
Elizabeth Carrington, NZ
Hello Erika.. Is me Eder....I wanna say how I miss all the people there I cant say how my hart feel now.....I just wanna say thank you for all love I received there and be sure I keep this in my hart forever.....I start to working here imediatly this is very nice because keep my hart quiet.. I hope one day I back in Ithaca. Kisses for every body see you soon  
Eder Cardosa, Brazil
I applaud your efforts for all that you do for us Ithacans away from home.
Hi guys, its only me saying hi , wont be long now till i get back to summer as its starting to get a little cool here, give a big hi to bemeni for me and george and jenny, see you soon
Lucky Vlassopoulos, Melbourne Australia
No reason for writing really other than wishing everyone on Ithaca a Happy Easter. Your easter falls on April 23, the English St George's Day, so as we enjoy a traditional roast beef lunch, we will be wishing our guests a Christos Anesti  (I hope I have that right). We would like to send our love to Vanna from Oasis in Kioni, her husband and her family on the birth of their son, and we will see them in early May as we, like many others, return for another visit. I am also looking forward to another philosophy lesson from Costa. Please keep up the good work on the website, it has been a regular source of pleasure during our winter months.
Mike and Sue Ashton, England
We enjoy the site immensely. Thank you for the effort and all the great photographs.
Sean and Kel
Happy Easter to everyone on Ithaca. I can see by the weather that it seems quite nice over there now. Here in Australia, the season is changing and I yearn for the Ithacan summer, but not this year. Please put on lots of photos of Dexa beach this year. Keep up the great work. I love the website!!
Irene UK

As you may know, there is a new book out by a Robert Bittlestone (Odysseus
Unbound : The Search for Homer's Ithaca published by Cambridge University Press
see http://www.odysseus-unbound.org)which argues that Ithaca was not Odysseus's
home island. This is an alarming (and false) thing to say which is likely to
have some impact on tourism on Ithaca for years to come.

In the course of writing my dissertation some years ago, I discovered a simple
truth which makes the case that Ithaca truly is the island of Homer's Odysseus.
As is the case with most scholarly work, it sits neglected amongst piles of
papers that nobody cares to know anything about.

It would appear, however, that there is now a need for a popular (i.e., full of
colorful pictures and fun to read) version of the case that I can make in order
to combat Bittlestone's case. I have the technical abilities to do this, but I
do not have the resources or sufficient energy to combat the public relations
campaign being conducted by the Cambridge University Press on behalf of their
new book.

I could, therefore, use the help of the people of Ithaca or their relatives
abroad (particularly those interested in aiding/preserving the tourism
industry) in creating and promoting this work which would defend their right to
claim Odysseus as a part of their heritage. With sufficient funds, I could even
come to the island and produce a documentary for television, and so reach the
widest possible audience.

I will reward anyone who makes a contribution amounting to $50 or more to me
(either in money, or in food, or a place to stay, etc.) with a special "Save
Ithaca" signed copy of the script of a play I have recently completed (It is a
comedy based, in part on Aristophanes' Clouds, and is produced on CD in
powerpoint format so as to allow for animated graphics, color pictures, and
other fun things). You can view the promotional trailer at
http://www.hellos.com/books/fog/trailer.pps which also is in powerpoint format.

The amount of support I get will determine the quality and kind of document I
can produce, as well as the scope of its promotion and distribution. I would
also be happy to do fund raising talks provided I am advanced a sufficient
amount to cover travel, lodging, and simple expenses (meals, photocopies, some

Sincerely, John F. Newell, PH.D.
6807 Thomas Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Editors Note - Hmm. What do you out there make of this letter?

Congratulations on yet another 20 pages of keeping all us Philehelenes from going stir crazy away from our beloved island. We shared with you the ups and downs of winter and you were never far from our thoughts. Our trips this winter had everything, October seeing the wind down from the "season", and February..............If one has to be stranded by a sea-mans strike, where better than Ithaki to "suffer" a couple of bonus days!! Easter provides a wonderful bridge between the seasons and it was again a wonderful experience of Greek hospitality. Here's to a great summer and renewed friendships.
Sue and Mike (London and (nearly) Kioni)
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