Letters to Ithaca Greece from people that have visited this Greek Island in the Ionian.
Visitors Letters 2005
We welcome your letters. Write us with your Ithacan experience.
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Just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you on an awesome site! It has kept me entertained for two solid hours!!! I wish that I could have discovered the site a lot sooner. Anyway, it was really nice to see familiar places & faces and once again to be reminded of the beauty of this majestic island- i am feeling extremely nostalgic at the moment! There is something about Ithaki that draws you back like a magnet!  As for this site, it's user friendly and very informative. Thank you for keeping us close to Ithaki through this site! Na'ste kala!!!!
Kind Regards Voula Kaladelfos (Johannesburg- South Africa)
I want to thank you for helping us so promptly with our inquiries about Ithaca island. It seems to be such a wonderful community of interesting people. We have spent hours going through the site taking in the gorgeous views and landscapes, your festivals and parties. It's an opportunity to experience our holiday next Summer before we come. It's quite unique and very prescious. Thank you to your company for this wonderful opportunity and your help.
Kathrine and Tony Blackwell, DeSousa NJ USA
EDITORS NOTE - hOME ithaca greece website is not run by any company, but is a one man show, well one woman show, and I am happy to answer your letters and enquiries if I can. Please be aware however that I am not a formal representative of the island or a travel agent. for specific enquiries about accommoadtion or other businesses on this website, please contact the owners directly.
After reading through your letters section, I see many people praise you for your great site. It's well deserved. Keep up the good work, we who love Ithaki and miss it when we are not there, get great enjoyment from all the photographs and information you publish.
Best wishes - Nick, Perth Australia

We would like to thank you for giving us a peak at Ithacas babies. Please give our regards to Poppy and Nectario from Rementzo in Frikes and Jenny from Spavento in Kioni. They have beautiful babies and we hope to meet them on our next trip to Ithaki.

Kind Regards - Gwen and David, UK
I have been going through your site and enjoying all the wonderful photographs. Is it possible to use some of these photographs for my own website?
Regards - Dominic Boston USA
EDITORS NOTE - Whoever wishes to use photos from hOME ithaca greece website is welcomed to do so as long as they are a non-profit organization and they list hOME ithaca greece website as their source. hOME ithaca greece website is protected under copyright law.
Thank you for this website. I am no longer able to travel and find your site such comfort and I get great enjoyment from it, seeing familiar places and faces. I look forward to all the Summer fun for 2005. Also, the Calendar is wonderful. Some of the comments are very amusing. Continue your good work.
Helen Paizi - Adelaide, Australia

Just wanted to say that this site helped us so much before we visited this summer and has brought back many memories since we came home. We were on the island when the Olympic flame came to Vathy but we loved the whole island, especially the beach at Aghios Yiannis and the drive over to Stavros via Anoghi. Oh and by the way Ithaki is most certainly the CHEAPEST Greek island I have visited in the last twenty years. If you think it is expensive do not go anywhere near the Sporades.

Ian, Jill, Bex and H. Wirral, UK
I want to congratulate you on the terrific web site.  I check it often and love hearing about the people I know there.  your photos are wonderful and help me stay in touch from so far away. We live in South Australia and visit the island often.  My Grandfather is Spiro Pippos, he came to Australia when he was quite young and married my Grand Mother .  He has just turned 89. My Father is Athanasios Pippos Keep up the great work!!
Kind Regards Vicki A Pippos

Hi, Have stayed in Vathy twice before, The Alexandria and Captain Yiannis, but this time around we will be staying at a place called Livanis, but we are not quite sure where exactly it is? It sounds like its very close to the town square just up from the bank?  But I just cant picture it. Also why do you not mention Dexa beach or have any pictures? I think its great and well worth the walk especially just to see Georges dog jet skiing! See you in the summer!  We love Ithaca, couldnt get there last year, went to Paxos... but sorry Paxos.....Ithaca is the best!

Debbie Feighan London
Congratulations. The new era newspaper of Ithaka, ditributed to every Ithakan and Ithakan sympathiser instantly via the web. What a great thought utilised. A truely great job. I want to thank you for your kind inclusion of my parents in the "locals section", Frikes: Yiannis & Zoi. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your attention.
All the best Giorgos Philippos, son of Yiannis & Zoi from Frikes

Hi, your web site is now on my favourites. I plan to be in Ithaca in June for two idyllic weeks – can't wait.  Looking out of the window now in bleak Kent , UK it's snowing and freezing. I visited Ithaca for the day last August.  I was staying in Lefkada and visited Frikes for the day and was immediately enchanted by the islands atmosphere.  I came home and immediately booked my annual holiday to Ithaca .  I'm staying at the “Captain Yiannis” apartments in Vathy.  I hope my visit lives up to my expectations.  As ever, I'm looking forward to a traditional Greek welcome – Friendly kind people, great cooking, fantastic hospitality and Greece as it should be, unspoilt and un-commercialised with a charm all of it's own.  ROLL ON JUNE

Dot & John , Kent , UK
Just to say thanks for your wonderful website, I check it every day. My husband and I are coming to Ithaca in June. It is our first visit to your island,  although we have visited Greece almost 20 times. (Including Lefkas & Kephalonia.) Thanks to your pages I feel I know something of the island & its people already, and have started my 'holiday countdown' already!  
Best wishes, Jakki Davitt, UK

Hi, I want to congratulate you on the terrific web site.  I check it often and love hearing about the people I know there.  your photos are wonderful and help me stay in touch from so far away. We live in South Australia and visit the island often.  My Grandfather is Spiro Pippos, he came to Australia when he was quite young and married my Grand Mother .  He has just turned 89. My Father is Athanasios Pippos Keep up the great work!!

Kind Regards Vicki A Pippos

Yassas. Since first visiting Ithaki 3 years ago, we have fallen in love with it and plan to retire to your beautiful Island. Since our last visit in October we have kept in touch through your "Winter on Ithaca" pages. It was with delight that that we saw on Thursday afternoon the view from the bench at Raxi. The bench erected by our dear friends Amelia and Panos on memory of Panos' mother. We can't wait to come back at (Greek) Easter. Congratulations on your fabulous web site, its great to know that our friends whether temporarily in Melbourne, New York, Athens, Kioni or wherever are seeing the same scenes and having the same memories and just waiting to return. Greeks the world over are well known for their hospitality but the people of Ithaki are the most hospitable we have ever met!

kind regards Sue and Mike Bennett

It's about 11:30 pm. Everyone has gone to bed and I have been browsing your site. I have to tell you that I love the Winter pages. The photographs are stunning.

Loula Vlass., Melbourne Australia
Congratulations on your site. I've never considered coming to Ithaki in winter, but since your winter pages I'm getting tempted to try it at least once. As you often explain, it can be lonely during this season, but it looks so beautiful, spectacularly eerie with those black skies you often depict. I may take up the challenge next year. Again, thank you for keeping Ithacans from all over the world in touch with the people and the island that is always in their heart.
Cassy Black, NY USA
Your web information and pictures of ithaki, are absolutely fantastic, its second best to being there "live". We appreciate your passion and very hard efforts very much here in Newcastle. Ithaca Greece is the hottest topic of conversation with the family gathering at weekends, all you hear is "did you see Maki making the souvlakia or you should see Afrodite in the green outfit at the carnival" and so on.... Its like, if you don't check out the web page, you are missing out. Its also great to see our family and friends during the winter photo's. Great friends and mates Maki and Maria, Yianni & Douri my Lefki neighbours, with the best organic wine on the island, the Spero special pasta is to die for!! I cant wait to get down to cousin Nektario's rementzo, I see he has taken it over now. Congratulations Nectario & Poppy. Hi Costa, sorry that I brought the car with me to Ithaki last time and cut you out of work. I'll shout you an ouzo or two to make up for it...  Gerasimo, thanks for the best pork souvlaki in Stavros.. Keep that Amstell cold. The best news I have heard in a long time is that my boys are now asking me "when are we all going back to Ithaki so we can start re-building papous house in Lefki". How is that!! I can not wait to start, the house was partly destroyed during the 56 earthquake. Another big job coming up....
Whilst on the subject, I hope someone can help me with information regarding the proposed road to go in behind Lefki and right past my front door. The plans are with the Lefki kinotita and have been approved to go ahead BUT to date there has been nothing done. The road starts behind my cousin Arthur Cominos house and goes all the way to the new water well and stops there. It only has to go another 300 meters to my house so I have car access to rebuild. What do I do next ? Can somebody help? We hope to see you all very soon, with a bit of luck, maybe this July.
In the meantime, here are a few of our photo's of our Ithaki
All the best to all our Friends and Family.
Spero & Liz Newcastle, Australia
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